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August 1, 2010
  • Yue22

    My Fanon Ideas

    September 17, 2010 by Yue22

    I do have some fanon ideas, I'd really like an opnion here before I launch any of them.

    "Please? Please, Mother. I can do it, and I'm majorly bored."

    " It is NOT a suitable activity for someone bored. Go boss someone around, or buy something. I really don't care."

    "You never listen to me! I'm a better firebender than you think!"

    "Very well, but Sifu Me-ye would like to at least see a Level One hotkick before you leave his classroom. Do a Level 27 lighting redirection, and maybe I will

    reconsider the matter."

    Lili left the room in a huff. Her mother was so, so, STIFF! She never listened about the things Lili cared about. Lili COULD firebend, she just hated stupid Sifu Me-ye and his boring anecdotes on fire's inner core and twenty hours spent maki…

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