Whoosh! Air flew passed Zack, and knocked him down "Hey, I know you like playing with that magic air, but please dont blow me down!" screamed Zack. "Its not magic air, its airbending" Yoshi retorted. "yeah, well last time I checked, there were no airbenders in the water tribe." Zack stated. "Well you're not even a bender!" Yoshi grubled. "Stop fighting!" Katia intergected. "Yes, you are all relitives" added Katara. "wha?" Yoshi babbled, suprised. "Skwamew" Kitty skawked."Oh come here my baby." cooed Yoshi, as Ktty flew to her arm. "You remind me of me when I was your age." Katara observed. "Really?" Zack asked. "yeah, me, & your father had the same arguement!" Katara quoted. "Really?" questioned Zack. "Yeah, first I caught a fish, then Sokka popped the waterbendeing bubble. Then he said, how come evreytime you play with your magic water,I always end up getting wet." Katara continued. "Actully," Yoshi stated,"if you guys nevr have had that arguement, you would of never found aang!" "Thats true!" Katia agreed.

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