Yoshi is an airbender, who lives in the sothern water tribe with her parents (Katara,& Aang) her cosin, (Zack) & her sister.(Katia) She doesnt live with her big brother, Tenzin though. He went off to study the airbenders in the southern air temple. Yoshi is a 12-year old girl with a pet cat-owl named Kitty.She is playful, like her father,& loves animals. although she is her youngest of her siblings,she acts more like the oldest.She can be silly sometimes, but argues with Zack, & Katia often. Just like siblings. Also, unlike her father, Yoshi isnt a vegtgitarian. She loves to eat tiger seal. Also, yoshi loves blubbered seal jerky. Sometimes she can act like her uncle, but she acts like Aang most of the time.

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