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    April 21, 2011 by Yoshi1257

    Yoshi is an airbender, who lives in the sothern water tribe with her parents (Katara,& Aang) her cosin, (Zack) & her sister.(Katia) She doesnt live with her big brother, Tenzin though. He went off to study the airbenders in the southern air temple. Yoshi is a 12-year old girl with a pet cat-owl named Kitty.She is playful, like her father,& loves animals. although she is her youngest of her siblings,she acts more like the oldest.She can be silly sometimes, but argues with Zack, & Katia often. Just like siblings. Also, unlike her father, Yoshi isnt a vegtgitarian. She loves to eat tiger seal. Also, yoshi loves blubbered seal jerky. Sometimes she can act like her uncle, but she acts like Aang most of the time.

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  • Yoshi1257

    Whoosh! Air flew passed Zack, and knocked him down "Hey, I know you like playing with that magic air, but please dont blow me down!" screamed Zack. "Its not magic air, its airbending" Yoshi retorted. "yeah, well last time I checked, there were no airbenders in the water tribe." Zack stated. "Well you're not even a bender!" Yoshi grubled. "Stop fighting!" Katia intergected. "Yes, you are all relitives" added Katara. "wha?" Yoshi babbled, suprised. "Skwamew" Kitty skawked."Oh come here my baby." cooed Yoshi, as Ktty flew to her arm. "You remind me of me when I was your age." Katara observed. "Really?" Zack asked. "yeah, me, & your father had the same arguement!" Katara quoted. "Really?" questioned Zack. "Yeah, first I caught a fish, then Sokka …

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  • Yoshi1257

    lost peace prologue

    April 20, 2011 by Yoshi1257

    Yoshi shifted in her bed. She couldnt sleep. She didnt know what was bothering her.

    "Can't sleep?" Katia aksed. "Yeah" answered Yoshi, as she gased out of the tent flap. "Me neither. It must be the full moon." retorted Katia. "Why are you up? Its like 10 at night!" Zack babbled. "We cant sleep" Yoshi said. "Well no one can sleep with your babbling!" retorted Zack. "Your beginning to ack more like your father every single day!" Katia scolded playfully. "Oh yeah, like you dont act like your father." Zack argued. "Please dont fight, your cosins." Yoshi grunted. "Well you are are cosin too" Zack stated. "Dont you think i know that? Please get out so I can go to sleep? you guys are making me tired!" demanded Yoshi. When they left, Yoshi saw it,…

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