File:250px-Katara 312.png Why Katara is my Idol

Ok, so you probably all think Im weird having a cartoon charecter as an "Idol." but the truth is, I really do find Katara insperational. She really is a remarkable young girl, in the sense that she's Brave, Responsible, Caring and stands up for what she believes in, pretty much everything I would like to be. It's a bit of a long story about how I grew to like her so much, but it starts here......

I wanna be Katara for Halloween!

File:200px-Toph and Katara undercover.png
I was ten when ATLA first aired, and to be brutally honest, I wasnt too interested. I didnt see it the first time it evere aired, but a few weeks after at a friend's house. I really liked it, espeically Katara. I always thought "I wish I was pretty, and could control water like Katara",......sometimes I still DO! but it wasnt just her looks, I grew to love her personality. I thought she was just the loveliest person in the world, and I wanted her to MY friend. That Halloween I begged my Mom to make me a Katara costume for Halloween. It was quite basic, consiting of a blue coat with the design sewn on, but I had the necklace and she did hair loopies for me too. All that was missing was the bending....darn.

Waterbending......(I wanna make some waves!)

File:Tn 039.jpg
Im pretty sure every ATLA fan secretly dreams of being able to control the elements, whether it be, water, earth, fire or air (Or perhaps all four.) It's only really when Im totally surrounded by water that the urge really kicks in. Recently, I was down in cork (Irish county) and we were out on cape clear- which is the last european window before America-and I just really wanted to waterbend, like, so bad! It would be such a wonderful feeling, and I would love to be as good as Katara, which leads me onto my next piont.

Katara is an amazing Waterbender. think about it:she thought herself how to catch a fish and freeze all by herself. she learned how to do the waterwhip in one day, and was able to overthrow one of those Fire Nation tanks before she'd even got any training. and when she did get training, she advanced and quickley mastered the technique in one whole week. even Master Pakku admited that she was the fasted learning waterbender that he ever thought. and some of her moves are just AMAZING. I espeically noticed her skill in the episode "The Earth King" when she crossed the bridge and overpowered the guards. I cant even explain it, you'd have to see it yourself. Not to mention she took down Azula.......

So tell me.....

Who is your all time- ultimate ATLA Idol, and why? Why do they make YOU smile, and make you wanna BE them. comment below and tell me. you can choose anyone you want, from Aang to The Cabbage Merchant.


XPrettyIrishGalXGisele Knowles (talkcontribs) 22:18, January 6, 2011 (UTC)

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