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  • XPrettyIrishGalX

    I know I said ages ago that I wanted to do a Katara-based fanon. well guess what? I changed my mind!(Suprise, suprise.) The truth is, a million ideas run through my head all at once. So I decided to do this:

    A 16 year old earthbender named Nat has set up a small group of benders and expert fighters to take out Firelord Ozai. He dosent trust the Avatar (Aang) to carry out such an important job, seeing as he failed to stop the war a hundered years before. Nat is not trying to kill the Firelord for the sake of the world, but as revenge.

    When Nat was ten, the Fire Nation burned down his village, killing his parents in the process. His older sister, (Who needs a name) cares for him until she's captured by Fire Nation soilders. Nat, convinced that…

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  • XPrettyIrishGalX

    Ok, so you probably all think Im weird having a cartoon charecter as an "Idol." but the truth is, I really do find Katara insperational. She really is a remarkable young girl, in the sense that she's Brave, Responsible, Caring and stands up for what she believes in, pretty much everything I would like to be. It's a bit of a long story about how I grew to like her so much, but it starts here......

    I was ten when ATLA first aired, and to be brutally honest, I wasnt too interested. I didnt see it the first time it evere aired, but a few weeks after at a friend's house. I really liked it, espeically Katara. I always thought "I wish I was pretty, and could control water like Katara",......sometimes I still DO! but it wasnt just her looks, I grew …

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