Commentary on Chapter Seven of 'Air'

Greetings, wiki! Firstly, I'd like to thank all of my readers. You have been great to this newbie and I'm honored that 'Air' has been nominated for Outstanding New Series. Now, onto the trivia!

I’m really excited for you to read this chapter, as it a) introduces one of my personal favorite characters and b) this is the first time we actually see someone bend. Granted, there was that little tiff with the Gauntlets and Prince Roh-Roh in chapter one, but that doesn’t really count.

We all love Avatar: The Last Airbender. I think we can agree that one of the show’s greatest elements (aside from raw and realistic character development, a stunning new universe and a fascinating story) is the bending. The idea is so different and they really presented it to the best of their abilities: brilliantly devised, meticulously choreographed and beautifully executed. The show had amazing movements and animation which I can't take advantage of in this writing medium, and so my goal is to create something as beautiful and epic painted with words. It’s a working progress. I’ve been eating up the articles on bending, researching the different Kung Fus and trying my best to ‘bend’ the right words into place, as it were. ^_^ I'd appreciate any thoughts and feedback and most definitely suggestions for improvement.

Now, tidbits about the rest of the chapter:

  • In the original version, the beginning sequence featured both On Ji and Shoji. Yes, they were a married couple. I actually didn’t know this shipping had a following; at the time, I just thought it was a good idea. I had just popped the two of them in for fun and to check them off my List of Characters Who Must Appear. Unfortunately, as their involvement did not further the story I chose to cut them out for the sake of space.
  • The leader of the rebels was intended to be Hide.
  • The name of the island, Tenzi, is not canon. It’s supposedly the island where Aang temporarily enrolled in Fire Nation school, which is not named.
  • Enter Princess Ursa. (We glimpsed her earlier in Zuko’s nightmare sequence.) Ursa is one of my favorite characters, original or canon. She’s a bit of an odd duck. But in a good way. She is so much fun to write and I hope you get as much a kick out of her as I do. ^_^
  • The tunnel/passages shown here were inspired by ‘The Winter Solstice’ episodes and the magma caverns seen in ‘The Day of the Black Sun.’ They are not canon –but they could be. ;)
  • Captain Kio is an original character. And yes, another favorite. Unfortunately, this is not really his story.
  • Anything else? …oh, yes. June. :) How could I not add her?

Thanks once more to all my readers. Until next week, wordbender out. ^_^

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