On Chapter Three

Here we are at Chapter Three. Thanks so much for reading, everyone. I’m working on getting my fanon reviewed, but it looks like it was kicked off the schedule, so it might take some time. :D In the meanwhile, keep reading and enjoy! As always, you might want to read the chapter(s) first because I will be mentioning specifics.

This is the first time we get to see The Jasmine Dragon in the hustle and bustle of a normal work day. I have to say, it is the coolest place ever. I’m actually very jealous; I want Uncle Iroh to open up a tea shop down the street so I can go. :( I have envisioned it as the ultimate hang-out, and not just for old guys who dig Pai Sho. Of course it is the finest tea shop in Ba Sing Se, but the Dragon has a friendly atmosphere that welcomes all. Due to Iroh’s love of the game, several Pai Sho tables are set about the room for the patrons’ use and he even holds semi-annual Pai Sho tournaments that have become rather popular, drawing in foreign dignitaries –like the Avatar and Firelord– who, yes, use it as an excuse to spend some quality time catching up with old friends.

Of course, the staff is excellent. Iroh knows there’s a certain magic needed in the hands of a tea server. Every one of his employees is devoted to him and treats him with the utmost respect. If you worked for Uncle, wouldn’t you? They are all trusted friends and allies and, if for some horrible unforeseen reason the tea business ever failed, I think they’d do very well as an Avatar world version of the A-Team (the original TV show, obviously). Wow, now I’ve got this vision of Iroh, cradling a steaming cup of tea, chuckling: I love it when a plan comes together. Hehe, what a thought! I might have to write that story…

Right. Sorry for the jackelope trail.

Master Ru Yong was originally named Pon Nu. You can understand why I decided to change it. I’m very bad at coming up with good names on the spot so, like many of my original characters, the poor guy was stuck with ‘Pon Nu’ for a year or so until I had time to go scavenging on, which is an awesome site for searching out names and meanings. I definitely recommend it.

I have told you about my list of Unanswered Questions, but there was a second list I had that was just as instrumental in shaping this series. That is the List of Characters Who Must Appear, and I will tell you it was long. Not everyone from the list made it into the story –I had a couple of long shots on there– but most of them managed to work their way in. This is one reason I don’t have a huge cast of original characters, because I was obsessed with using everyone I could think of from the series.

First on this List of Characters –aside from the obvious familiar faces– were Longshot and Smellerbee. I absolutely love those two! I’ve been dying to know what happened to them after Jet died. Did they share his fate? Were they captured by the Dai Li? Have they been lying low in Ba Sing Se? Are they getting into trouble again? Here, at least, you get to discover their fate as conjured by my imagination.

I think that does it for this edition of the Running Commentary. Thanks for reading Air and, yes, continue to do so and enjoy it.

Until next Tuesday, this is wordbender, siging off!

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