Note: This commentary contains spoilers for Chapter Eleven of Air, so the author suggests you read it first!

Hi-ho, the bender of words here with a few quick words on my latest chapter, 'Old Man Walks Into a Bar.' I haven't been commentating lately in my blog because, frankly, I've been swamped! :P The last few chapters I've added the really good tidbits in the 'Author's Notes' sections, so I haven't left my readers completely desolate. This chapter, however, definitely called for a quick blog posting.

Emphasis on 'quick' because, apparently, people are waiting on me somewhere in the world outside the many varied and pixelated worlds of the Internet. Why am I never given a heads up on these kinds of things...&_&

To start, 'Old Man Walks Into a Bar' was always meant to be a title or phrase at some point in this story. It was one of the very first things that popped into my head during the plotting stage, of Iroh waltzing into a bar filled with Rough Rhinos, grinning disarmingly in his oh-so-lovable fashion and...well, you get the picture. Originally, Air had a prologue that detailed this little excursion of Iroh's, who was then seeking answers to the Guild and his great-nephew's kidnapping, instead of attempting to bargain with these former comrades. (Remember, class, the sub-plot involving the Emerald Serpent did not come into existence until much later.) After the initial writing of 'Air', it quickly became evident that said prologue would not be used -it simply gave away too much of the mystery and the story. I was disheartened, to say the least, considering that this bar room brawl was amongst my favorite scenes. (Iroh pwning the Rough Rhinos! What's not to love about that?!) Doomed to the scrap heap, it was added to yet another list of mine that reared its head in the editing stage -People That Were Not Used, But Should Have Been. Other names that appeared included Longshot, Smellerbee, The Duke, Pipsqueak, Joo Dee, Long Feng...You guessed it. This list almost single-handedly plotted out the Emerald Serpent subplot on its own. If it had been capable of forming its own letters, it would have, but as I'm the wordbender around here, the task fell to me. ;)

As for Tyro's issues with Haru...well, you'll just have to stay-tuned, won't you? I think I'll drag that one out a little longer. I'm so evil. But hey, I promise to keep you entertained until then!

With, say...a theater troupe? *evil grin*

'The Emerald Island Players' sent me into hysterical giggles when I first watched it. Seriously. I was watching it with my sister when it first aired (the first episode I ever saw when it premiered on TV, I might add, and I jumped in about 15 minutes late) and she thought I'd flipped. I loved that Mike and Bryan could poke fun at themselves, that they teased the Zutarians, fiddled with that knife still lodged in our intestines over Jet's (supposed? uncertain? definite?) demise. And most especially, as a Zuko fan, that they left no long-hair joke unturned.

The final scene of Zuko, Aang, and Katara leads up to my short (...shortish?) homage to the critically acclaimed episode 'Ember Island Players.' I hope you all enjoy it, and even if you don't, I had such a blast writing to the ridiculous max I don't know that I'd care. LOL! Until next week, I'll leave you with this thought to consider:

Just what kind of man is Puon-Tim who, in his right mind, actually wrote such a ridiculous play and expected it to last on stage?

Until next week, my rabid Avatarads -I bid thee adieu! *bows with a flourish and vanishes in a puff of smoke*

"P.S." she says, flashing back into the visible spectrum momentarily, "A review of my fanon should be forthcoming next week, so keep your eyes peeled!"

*vanishes for the last time*

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