Commentary on Chapter Five of 'Air'

Greetings, wiki! wordbender here to present a minor character menagerie, confront the selective illiteracy blind-siding small businesses like a certain adored tea shop, and, yes, even admit one of her guilty pleasures. This isn’t an episode of the old-time variety show of the song and dance man; it’s just the commentary for my fanon Air.

Sorry again for getting this chapter’s commentary up so late. I’ve had a crazy week; there was a story I had to finish for a deadline, a relative’s mandatory birthday celebrations, and I helped my grandparents move. So, on to Avatar!

This secret gathering of allies at The Jasmine Dragon was very fun, sometimes challenging, to write. My List of Characters Who Must Appear went absolutely berserk; I had to pin it down with a paperweight. Most important on the list for this chapter were Master Yu and Xin Fu. From the moment the two of them were trapped in the metal cage in ‘The Guru’ I have wondered what happened to them. I knew it would not be a heart-warming fluff piece because someday, somehow they would encounter Toph again. So I made it happen. :) While plotting out Air and what happened in the 12 years between, this was the first story I actually planned. It holds deep sentimental value for me. *snicker*

And where is Toph, you ask? The only member of the Gaang yet to be revealed in my story? Of course I won't tell you; commentary's are insider info, no spoiler central. ;)

“Can’t people read signs anymore?!” Iroh cries in angst when the meeting is interrupted by a knock at the door of the quite clearly posted CLOSED tea shop. Can’t they, indeed. My family owned a business for nine years and I’m here to tell you, no, they can’t. We had a sign on the door that said ‘PULL’; people pushed. Sometimes for a whole minute. And the best was when they looked up at you, confused, and asked if you would unlock the door for them. XD

And yes, that is an allusion to my man the Cabbage Merchant in the message from the Gaang’s new mysterious friend. It’s one of many such references. Because the Cabbage Merchant is one of the greatest running jokes in history and it was not going to die under my reign, unofficial though it be.

A coded message! Better still, a coded message for Iroh pulled from a secret drawer with a secret catch disguised in a game board. I have a thing for hidden catches and secret passages; is it that obvious? Haha, one reason I’m a House of Anubis fan. Yes, I freely admit it. It is fun in spite of its cheesiness. Or perhaps that’s in light of its cheesiness? Sometimes you just need a show where you feel compelled to shout “Yes, that’s the clue you’ve been looking for all episode, stupid!” And my family doesn’t even look at me funny. That’s the whole family now; we converted dad in the second season. ;)

That’s all for today’s commentary; join us next week for A Good Brainwashing to discover what fate befalls Ru Yong!

(I finally received ‘The Promise’ and promptly devoured it. I need to read it again to pick up anything I may have missed, but I can safely say I loved it. Of course, we also know how it eventually turns out, too. Was anyone else banging their head against the wall at the end?)

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