On Chapter Two

What’s this? A new chapter already? Yes; yes, it’s true. I know it’s only Monday, but tomorrow my schedule is crazy. Full of fun things, fortunately, but I know I won’t have time to get Chapter Two up. Instead of posting late, I decided to post early. Huzzah. For my sake, let’s just pretend it really is Tuesday the 17th. (For those of you over the International Dateline, disregard.) On that note:

Aiiiieeeeee! Tuesday the 17th! Beware anyone toting creepy life-size wooden dolls and if someone invites you up to a cabin in the middle of the woods, don’t say ‘no’, run away screaming!

Have I mentioned that in addition to being an Avatard, I’m also a Psych-O? ;)

Alright, now about A Kettle Set to Boil. This is where things start to heat up. (See what I did there? Because the kettle is about to boil, hehe? What? *ducks rotten vegetables* Sheesh, tough crowd.)

We start off in the dark sanctum of an unknown villain as an unknown lackey makes a disturbing report on an unknown enemy of her master. Oh, the intrigue! Yeah, I have no comment on this yet.

As promised, heeeeeeerrrrrreeeee’s Momo! Possibly the hardest part of writing this story was remembering about Appa and Momo. I become so focused on the human characters that the creatures completely slip from my mind. I feel horrible about this because they were an integral part of the show. Mostly I viewed them as comic relief, but I know that Appa was supposed to be Aang’s spirit guide. I mean, just look what the big fluff ball did for Zuko. Now animal cruelty will never be added to his list of crimes. Fortunately, I have an artistic sister who, upon learning of this dreadful handicap, quickly sketched out a pleading Appa and Momo on a Post-It note that has been clinging for dear life to my computer, reminding me ever since.

Obviously, everyone is probably skeptical about Zuko’s disguise. I mean, face paste? Really? Luckily, he was smart enough to realize this himself and had the forethought to put it to the test under Kuei’s scrutinizing gaze. And because the team is traveling incognito, they must have cover names, right? I mean, how many ‘Zukos’ do you think are wandering around in the Earth Kingdom? Probably about as many Sokkas are romping through the Fire Nation. For Zuko, I chose the name Li because this was actually the name he gave when he and Uncle were hiding out in Ba Sing Se. Sort of. The name he gave was actually ‘Lee’. Big difference, I know; it’s easy to get confused. I decided to tweak the spelling because, well, because there are a million Lees…

Despite his oh so cute nickname, we see that young Prince Roh-Roh is not without spine. The knife he uses here is the same that Iroh gave to Zuko, and that Zuko attempted to give to Lee in the episode ‘Zuko Alone’ (one of my all-time favorites). I actually forgot until recently that Lee refused to take the knife. When I realized it was floating somewhere in the ethereal Avatary limbo, I decided to pluck it down. ‘Never give up without a fight’ is just so versatile. The knife passed to Roh-Roh instead of Ursa probably for the same reasons it was given to Zuko by Iroh, instead of to Azula. Ursa just isn’t nearly as steamed about it.

And on a final random note –I’m feeling somewhat random tonight, for those of you who weren’t entirely certain– I had the weirdest thought today. Someone should make an Avatar music video with the song 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go' about the night Zuko’s mother leaves...

Thanks again for reading my ramblings and enjoying Air! Chapter Three will be up next Tuesday (not Monday, mind; Tuesday). I hope you will check back then.

Until next time: Fare thee well, fellow Avatards!

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