Okay, this is a really wierd , but true story. So, you see, I am a werewolf, and all the werewolves are usually born as earthbenders, like me. But, in my family, before I was born, a tragedy has happened. My ant, Maya, was a firebender, because every 100 years a werewolf is born as a firebender, and I was born exactly a 100 years after she was born. So, technically, I am both, a firebender, because I was born a 100 years ago, and an earthbender, because it is in my blood. So yeah, I mastered both elements, but there is more...I started learning waterbending too, now I can move water, create waves,without a problem. Now, the only thing left is to master airbending, but it is harder for me, because, air is the opposite of my natural element, earth. I am not sure, if I master airbending too, does that make me the next Avatar? What makes you the Avatar is UNDERSTANDING the elements, different kind of people, right? I do, I really do understand. But, I am not sure yet, I mean, me, a random werewolf girl, to be the great bridge between the human and the spirit world?! Maybe,I mean, after all, I am an earthbender,and that is what the next Avatar should be, right? I, I do not know. But, I will keep on trying, learning, and I WILL find out the truth. And I will share it with you.