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  • Willy105

    Well, the DVD came out. It's interesting to see how the Special Features show about the creation of the TV show, and not the movie. They even show how it was based on martial arts and Asian philosophy, and show really cool art from the show. Also, they have some deleted scenes, which show Sokka acting more like he did on the show, as a goofball in some weird dance scene in the Earth Kingdom, and not as some super serious guy. There was also a funny scene when Aang visits a shaman who says she can talk to the dead, but she really can't, which leads to actual jokes and gags, with Aang actually making expressions like he did in the show. Although the Kyoshi Warriors scene is mysteriously missing here, you do get a small glimpse of them as the…

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  • Willy105

    Although the Avatar TV shows are considered Western animation, Avatar and most Western animated shows are actually animated in Korea to save money. Which is why there is a bit of credibility to this:

    This is what appears to be an unfinished linetest for a scene from Avatar: Legend of Korra. In the scene, what looks to be Korra is fighting various other people with Martial Arts.

    The fact that the whole video is from a Korean blog, and the animation being very similiar in style to Avatar: The Last Airbender, it makes the chances of this being real a bit higher.

    As it was apprently removed from the blog, meaning it's real, let's have a look at it in Youtube form.

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