Just something to brighten everyone's day. :)

Joke #1-

The Earth King wants to know which orginization in the world is the best at catching criminals, so he invites the Dai Li, the Rough Rhinos and the Kyoshi Warriors to the Earth Kingdom to administer a test to find out. He releases a rabbit into the forest and tasks each group with finding it, promising to make the winning team apart of his new corps of honorguardsmen.

The Dai Li go in first and after months of conducting forensic tests and interviewing forest dwellers, they conclude that the rabbit does not exist.

The Rough Rhinos go in second and quickly proceed to burn down half the forest, claiming that the rabbit provoked them.

The Kyoshi Warriors go in third and after 30 minutes they drag out a badly beaten and battered platypus-bear who was screaming, "Alright! Alright! I'm a rabbit, I'm a rabbit!" 

Joke #2-

3 employees working at the Earthen Fire Refinery are in the mess hall, taking a lunch break. 

An Earthbender opens up his lunchbox and says, "Noodles? Again?! If my wife makes me noodes one more time, I'm jumping into the ore processor!"

Then a Firebender pries open his lunch pail and says, "Steamed Rice? Again? If my wife sends me to work with steamed rice one more time, I'll set myself on fire and jump out a window!"

Next, a Waterbender from the foggy swamp unwraps his lunchbag and says, "Wull tarnation! If I git one more possum chickin sandwich I'm a gonna drown maself in the water tank!"

The next day, the three workers discover their lunches haven't changed from the routine, so they all follow through with their vows. The following week, a funeral is held for the workers which their sobbing wives attend.

The wife of the earthbender wails, "How terrible! If I had known he hated noodles so much, I never would have sent him to work with them!"

The wife of the Firebender sobs, "I wish he had told me he was getting tired of eating steamed rice!"

The wife of the Waterbender from the foggy swamp crosses her arms and says, "Wull don't look at me! He made his own damn lunch!" 

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