Korra looking smug
Well people season one went out with a smash and season 2 will be on it's way soon. A lot of rumors and talk has been going around the net about what people will be looking foward to and what they might expect to see in season 2. I have already made several speculations of my own for the new season.

1.) I think Lin Beifong will teach Bolin how to improve his earth bending and teach him metal bending.

2.)I think Bolin might join the metal bending police force.

3.)Tarrlok is most likely alive, but badly injured.

4.) The creators might hook up Asami with Bolin.

5.) 1-2 might pass when the legend of korra comes back.

6.) The new villan they have for this season could be a woman.

These are just some of my speculations and thoughts, if you have any of your own or just want to comment leave them down below and tell me what you think about my speculations do you agree/disagree let me know.Thank You.

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