Mako was confused about his feelings,Asami got emotionally involved after 3 dates.Mako liked both girls and he realized he loved Korra and that's all it is to. Asami is not a victim,a victim of what.She put herself out like that,Mako didn't tell her to live like a hobo she chose to do what she did.To me it seem like she was buying Mako,Mako wasn't true to himself so he couldn't be true to Asami, she threw her emotion,money and feelings into this boy, she messed herself.As far as her father, she don't have anything to with his hate toward benders. Mako never told Asami he loved her,they were both playing games with each other but it end when he realized that he really love Korra.Look people read between the lines Mako broke up with Asami it's over now so just GET OVER IT!!!!

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