*First off this is a warning:if you are a true Mako basher then please exit this blog and don't read any further.I'm sick and tired of people bashing my views of Asami, but it okay to continously bash Mako,just like many users told me when I didn't like thier points of views, every side is suppose to be heard but not ridiculed and poked at. I made a blog earlier today and it brought out the very thing that I'm addressing here. If you are going to keep making baseless facts about Mako then I'm going to keep making points about Asami.

What if the shoe was on the other foot, y'all mad it didn't go the way y'all wanted it to go. Since it didn't you all want to call him a jerk,Asami left her house she is not broke or homeless. She is not a victim, she chose her boyfriend over her father, all she would have to do is go home and ask for forgiveness, it is the right thing to do, no maybe not, but she has money, she is not poor helpless Asami. If I'm a Asami basher then you all are Mako bahsers and Haters, so you all do this to people in real life because you don't like the way they act or the views they give. I have every right to state my views and opinions about Asami. Don't be hypocritical and we must listen to all the Mako bashing. If you want to state your side that's fine but don't get upset when I state mine and another thing......


If the roles were reversed and it was a triangle between Mako, Bolin and Asami, and Asami went out with Bolin first knowing that she went out with Mako before handed and kiss him, and didn't tell Bolin anything tis would be a different website and you all know it.But because it's Mako you feel that you had the right to bash him. How many people in real life has made the same mistakes how many animes like Inuyasha and Sailor Moon and don't tell none you people have not Sailor Moon or Inuyasha. They had problems just like Mako,Korra and not so perfect Asami. There others who feel the same way I do, they might not say anyhting but they do and you can just deal with it and hopefully wake the heck up and realizie everybody is not going to join the majority because y'all want them.

P.S. Y'all knew where the creators we're taking these characters, especially the relationship part, don't sit up here and say he was automatically end up Asami the only reason she was there was to create confict and drama which Mako and Korra closer together.Cleary shown in" When Extremets Meet" . It's called raeding between the lines people. Mako did break up with Asami y'all want him to go word for word to explain himself. In skeletons In the Closet when they were underground she still had time to address them both and she still kept her mouth shut. When Mako said he was gonna leave with Korra to help her find Amon and he came over to say bye to her. he said "I'm sorry that things got so crazy between us" she kissed him on the cheek. He said he still cared about her, never once did Mako say he loved Asami. In the Southern Water Tribe, When Katara came and said she couldn't help Korra and 5 minutas after that Korra came in Tenzin said it's was gonna be okay, Korra said it wasn't and went out the other door and it was left open with Mako and Asami staring at her. Mako went to tell her he loved her and when she couldn't take it because of what happened with her bending she got on Naga and dipped. AND TENZIN CAME OUT!!! Because he heard the excvhange between so it it safe to assume that Asami did too, SO PEOPLE BETWEEN THESE TWO EPISODES THEY BROKE UP.

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