For those people who say Asami is innocent, I declare she is not so innocent after all, just because you go on a couple of dates doesn't mean Mako was hers, I'm so sick of people saying that Asami was being mistreated by Mako.Asami had 5 episodes to confront Mako or Korra, she let her jealousy and hate boil over, if that was Katara or Suki or Mai they would have confront him in the beginning. Also for someone who hates the equalist and what they were about Asami was really using a lot of thier equipment during the season.

1.) When Ikki told Asami that Korra like Mako, she didn't say anything.

2.)When they got into the satomobile to patrol the city and she was glaring at them, she didn't address it.

3.)She let things between her and Mako boil over until she was along with Mako in Pema's kitchen.

4.)When Bolin answered her question in the tunnel, she didn't say anything.

5.)When she found out her father was an equalist and shocked him she could have threw the glove, but she kept.


7.)Her martials arts skills suck big time

8.)Asami is really a 5th wheel because she is a prissy non bender

9.)She was rude when that hobo try to offer her shelter and food.

10.)Asami gave the brothers money any let them stay at her house when she barley knew them

11.)It Asami's fault

12.)It's Asami fault that she didn't see Korra as competition for Mako's heart and look what happened she lost.

Ha Ha Ha she lost Mako, get over it Ha Ha Makorra wins
Mako and Korra kiss

Makorra together,Asami lost

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