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  • Wildgirl

    Mako was confused about his feelings,Asami got emotionally involved after 3 dates.Mako liked both girls and he realized he loved Korra and that's all it is to. Asami is not a victim,a victim of what.She put herself out like that,Mako didn't tell her to live like a hobo she chose to do what she did.To me it seem like she was buying Mako,Mako wasn't true to himself so he couldn't be true to Asami, she threw her emotion,money and feelings into this boy, she messed herself.As far as her father, she don't have anything to with his hate toward benders. Mako never told Asami he loved her,they were both playing games with each other but it end when he realized that he really love Korra.Look people read between the lines Mako broke up with Asami it…

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  • Wildgirl


    July 2, 2012 by Wildgirl

    *First off this is a warning:if you are a true Mako basher then please exit this blog and don't read any further.I'm sick and tired of people bashing my views of Asami, but it okay to continously bash Mako,just like many users told me when I didn't like thier points of views, every side is suppose to be heard but not ridiculed and poked at. I made a blog earlier today and it brought out the very thing that I'm addressing here. If you are going to keep making baseless facts about Mako then I'm going to keep making points about Asami.

    What if the shoe was on the other foot, y'all mad it didn't go the way y'all wanted it to go. Since it didn't you all want to call him a jerk,Asami left her house she is not broke or homeless. She is not a victi…

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  • Wildgirl

    For those people who say Asami is innocent, I declare she is not so innocent after all, just because you go on a couple of dates doesn't mean Mako was hers, I'm so sick of people saying that Asami was being mistreated by Mako.Asami had 5 episodes to confront Mako or Korra, she let her jealousy and hate boil over, if that was Katara or Suki or Mai they would have confront him in the beginning. Also for someone who hates the equalist and what they were about Asami was really using a lot of thier equipment during the season.

    1.) When Ikki told Asami that Korra like Mako, she didn't say anything.

    2.)When they got into the satomobile to patrol the city and she was glaring at them, she didn't address it.

    3.)She let things between her and Mako boil …

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  • Wildgirl

    Well people season one went out with a smash and season 2 will be on it's way soon. A lot of rumors and talk has been going around the net about what people will be looking foward to and what they might expect to see in season 2. I have already made several speculations of my own for the new season.

    1.) I think Lin Beifong will teach Bolin how to improve his earth bending and teach him metal bending.

    2.)I think Bolin might join the metal bending police force.

    3.)Tarrlok is most likely alive, but badly injured.

    4.) The creators might hook up Asami with Bolin.

    5.) 1-2 might pass when the legend of korra comes back.

    6.) The new villan they have for this season could be a woman.

    These are just some of my speculations and thoughts, if you have any of …

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  • Wildgirl

    I want to give biggest thanks to Mike and Bryant and also to the cast and crew to making a great show, I want to thank you for all your hard and dedication to putting on a awesome show.I can't wait for season 2, I know it's gonna be great.I know you guys might have felt like you all took a big risk on making this avatar a girl and completely seperate from the last airbender. But I felt that it paid off and it the number on show on Nick and around the world. So keep up the good work.

    For all the users on this wikia site who want to give a shout out to the creators and cast and crew you can do it here and also please let us know your favorite moments and thought for season 2.

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