Ever hear of chi? If you've watched the last airbender and legend of korra you probably know about it. (If you haven't watched them why would you be here). Chi is the main source of energy inside of you. To bend the chi it's called chi bending. An ancient art used by those of long ago. Now you need to summon your chi to your hands and if your an airbender think of a ball of air spinning faster and faster, if your a water bender think of the waves crashing on the shore, if your a fire bender think of a camp fire flickering and dancing, if you're a earth bender think of natural rocky formation (mountains,caves,canyons,etc.). If you feel your hands getting colder or warmer and you feel littles pokes and tingles that means it working. I like to imagine veins pumping the chi from my stomach up my arms to my hands. Now try bending your element of choice. If earth I recommend someplace quiet and go out barefoot, if fire I recommend at noon with top half of body showing like traditional firebenders (girls I wouldn't recommend that), if water I recommend close to night or night time when the moon will help your bending, if air (my favorite and my element, wich I can bend) (I'm not lying I made a current of air move some wind chimes) I recommend an open space like your back yard on a quiet evening. I hope this helps a lot and thanks for reading.

P.S., try meditating. It helps focus the mind and get better results. Just clear your mind and think of just your bending. ^_^

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