Ok I had to do this I know some people say the triangle was great some said annoying and poorly written but I like to make some comparisons to another Love Triangle from a videogame I enjoyed.

Catherine is puzzle-platformer psychological horror adventure game developed by Atlus Persona Team and published by Atlus for the PlayStation 3and Xbox 360. But it has romance, betrayal, love triangle and awesome characters.

The Main Men.

Vincent Brooks and Mako both are men who are in relationships and love two women for their different personalites and othet things but Mako and Vincent are both different and have different storyline.

Vincent is 32 years old and has been with his girlfriend Katherine for 7 years and she wants him and her to get hitched as he has commitment issuses and wishes not to get married and drowns his sorrows in a bar Until he meets the beautiful bombshell known as Catherine.

Mako is 18 as some people have argued between back and forth He's a teen No! he's an adult it just goes on and on Mako already has his to Catherines Asami(Katherine his girlfriend) and Korra(Catherine the beautiful) Mako met Korra after the match in episode 2 Mako also met Asami in episode 4. Plus Mako's isn't getting married.

The Ladies.

Korra and Asami both love Mako the same way as the two Catherines love Vincent Asami(Katherine) loves Mako, helped his money issuse out and said she felt safe with a firebender when her mother was killed by one and gave up her awesome life for Team Avatar and Mako.

Katherine keeps the stability in her and Vincent's relationship and is kinda clingly but she cares about Vincent dearly Like Asami tried to keep the relationship together and cared for Mako dearly aswell.

Korra(Catherine) at first met Mako she didn't like his cold and semi jerkish personality but got to know more about him overtime Mako told her about his parents, Let Korra wear his scarf, ect, ect, and kissed him.

Catherine says she loves Vincent and believes marriage does not matter when two people are together she kisses Vincent and he kisses her back Like Mako and Korra did But Vincent doesn't have a little brother to witness the kiss instead he possibly has an angry girlfriend to deal with if she finds out. Nor did Mako wake up the next morning to a naked girl he had Sexual relations with after drinking.... And neither girl is a succubus....

Supporting Characters.

Vincent has his friends who give their opinions and Relationship Experience and how Vincent should deal with both girls while at their bar The Stray Sheep.

The only support I can think of is when Korra told Mako to support and comfort Asami from episode 7 and that's it nothing else I could think of.

The Plot.

Mako has to deal with the Equalists and Amon who are not only trying to take over the city and want to remove beders of their bending abilites and he has to dealwith his confused feelings while tring to survive and put an end to the Anti-Bending Revolution. Well atleast Mako won't possibly die in his dreams....

Vincent on the other hand not only has to deal with keeping both Catherine's from finding out about each other He also is sent into a Nightmare Realm where cheating men are sent for their cheating actions.

In the realm Vincent is in his boxers, carrying a pillow and has ram horns on his head he also meets other men placed there and they all look like sheep He aslo has to outrun a nightmare that reflects on his life EX: A giant baby(Katherine told him she is possibly pregnant) if he dies in his dream he dies in real life Vincent is also trying to figure out who put him and the other men in the Nightmare Realm.....

The Actions and Outcome.

You are in control of Vincent's actions and his morality system you can either go with Katherine, Catherine or Neither as your decison. The game has eight diffrent endings by the choices you made for Vincent and he pays the price for his choices.

Vincent breaks up with Catherine and tries to go back to Katherine asking for forgivness and tries to explain to Katherine the the other one was a Succubus Search Up "Catherine Endings"

Mako sort of apologized to Asami for things getting messed up.... Atleast Vincent apologized and tried to get back with his girlfriend changing from the guy who didn't want to get married to a man who loved his girlfriend dearly and has to go through Hell to get her back. Mako in my opinion didn't really change but let's wait till Season 2 to see if he's changed

Here's a link of Catherine if anyone wants to know more about it.

Mako's choices are his own doing only the creators control Mako's morality In the end Mako chooses Korra leaving Asami and recieves even more hate from the fans and alot of people who defend him and people keep rubbing Makorra's victory in our faces.


Mako and Vincent are entirely different from each other and their triangles and romances are different but both have some similarites as people said Mako was "confused" Look at the "confusion" and drama Vincent has/have to deal with I am not a Mako defender I don't care for him at all just making some comparisons....

Please be civil.

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