While looking around on the internet(a while ago before the season finale) I saw comment of fans who want the creators to do a rewrite because they were so furious with the whole Mako/Asami/Korra + Bolin love triangle but is a rewrite needed?

In my opinion it's a yes and a no to that suggestion.

Yes because the romance annoyed me along with Mako's flip-flopping romance picking two girls which annoyed me but I truged through it and focused on everything else but this triangle has caused some problems.

  • Asami hatred before she got on TV
  • Korra hate for what happended in ep 5
  • And Extreme hate for Mako's actions and ect, ect, people are/were so angry with him they want to castrate Mako themselves or want either Asami or Korra to do it themselves...... No comment

And I also say No for the rewrite.

No because I could give a number of reasons to this First Off none of us the viewers are in control of the show Mike and Bryan are so whatever they choose to happen it's gonna happen no matter what we say.

Number Two none of us are writers I mean sure there are some awesome Fanfiction writers out there but none of us have written a script, storyline or a smash hit TV show and if the fans tried re-writing their way it would be a fail and a huge mess like that horrible M. Night movie that we shall never speak of again.

Number Three As I said before I could give out many reasons on why this wouldn't work fans would hate it and want to burn it alive and so on so forth.


I may not have enjoyed the romance and other things in this season but I don't believe an entire rewrite is needed maybe if the romance came in season 2 it would be less annoying

What should have happen instead and or hopes for season 2:

  • More character development for Asami, Bolin and Mako needs it the most

Bolin and Asami kinda got tossed aside but others may disagree with me on this.

  • More flashback stuff with Old Team Avatar

The stuff in ep 9 was cool.

  • More info on Tenzin and Lin's past

Their childhood growing up and so on.

  • More info on Mako, Bolin and Asami pasts

Like showing The Sato's before the raid and more about Mako and Bolin's parents befor the mugging.

  • And little romance

These shipping wars caused enough problems.

Don't get me wrong romance drama is pretty good in some books, TV shows and animes but in LoK it felt forced and irratating to me But I guess they did this to get it out of the way but that's my opinion.

Thoughts, Ideas, Comments, Opinions?

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