This blog is actually an apologize from me to the avatar (fanon) community, especially Vaznock, for my current inactivity. While I could blame it on many things, such as school, vacation, music, my friends, Flash for letting me discover TvTropes :), other wiki's and certain other users of these wiki's who organize cool site-wide stories where I'm allowed to participate in, or ask me to co-operate with their projects, it was actually just me being lazy. :(.

This led to Kyoshi Revolts chapters being delayed and the story becoming a bit inactive, something me and vaz really tried to avoid after the last time. Well, maybe it's to late to apologize, but I really wanted to say sorry in a bit of an original way.

But there's always light at the end of the horizon! To compensate with these dilations, the next weekend (1-2 May), I will release both of my chaps, on one saturday and on on sunday. It'll be a little marathon I call... Forget it, only faggots give names to their short marathons ;). (jk, Flash)

I know this blog seems a bit short and empty, but I could not find a suitable pic or words :D.

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