This blog is purely objective nonsense. Any reference to currently existing persons is probably on purpose, because the writer wants to earn a F*CKING badge! Hmm, I wonder if there's one for cursing.. Or fro bat speliincheg...

In this blog, I want to express my rebellious feelings about the suppression by users going by the name of SuperFlash<insert number here>. Sure, they write awesome and hilarious stories and stuff. (Or at least, they think they do that). And sure, they can draw a little, but what about their ego, their selfishness! Do they ever think about their fellow <insert element here>Kais? NO! And you know what? They even create their own site. Yeah! Even with fantastic comics and stuff! Actually, now I think about it, that's all pretty cool and other good stuff. BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT! The point is, that there's no point! Yeah! This blog is just as useless as the section on my userpage! Only, this blog has wasted more of your F*CKING TIME (<- curse ^^).

Flash, I'm sure you know that this is NO JOKE!! God, I despise you! (Not really)

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