Mina, the first character to be concieved and the reason KR exists.

Well, with the end of the year closing in, and Vaz (hopefully) returning soon, I thougth that I would give everyone a little sneak-peek in the continuation of Kyoshi Revolts. See it as my christmas gift ;).

What can you expect in Book 2?
  • The first chapter to be written by neither Vaz, me or Flash! None other then our good friend The Avatar will write a chapter. Well, I can't say what he's gonna write, of course.
  • Plus, another guest-written chapter by none other then SuperFlash101.
  • Some big surprises! Both good and nasty ones. We'll see some evil plans from the likes of Mitsuki, and maybe some others too...
  • There will be multiple chapters focusing on our dear friend and Avatar Chen, focusing around his tasks as the Avatar and other things.
  • Romance! Between who and who, I cannot say...
What can you expect in Book 3?
  • The first half of Book 3 will be the darkest of the series. The other half will be a bit lighter.
  • The great Finale of the series, of course! Will Team Rebel be victorious or will they fail? Will the plan of Azula and Mitsuki to conquer the Spirit World succeed? Will the Avatar surivive or will the cycle be forever broken? You will see...
  • Exclusive: a chapter from Mitsuki's view! We'll have a look in that twisted brain of her and see how she became such a monster.
  • And again, lots of surprises! Both bad and good ones.

Book 3 will contain a few more chapters then the other books, but will also be the most intense. With much character development, action, romance and the Final Battle! But will this be the final battle? You'll see...

For those who haven't noticed yet: Book 3 is not the end in the tales of Mina and her friends (and enemies). Both Tales of Heroes and Tales of Villains will uncover the deep pains in the hearts of the characters, as it will be written from a "Better World"-like view. Although I can say that Heroes will be a bit "lighter" in terms of action then Villains, and that it will contain more humor and romance, but will also have "dark" emotions of the characters.

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