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  • Waterkai

    Return of the King

    February 13, 2011 by Waterkai

    And his dignity...

    For those who don't know me, I have nothing to say. I'm not going to give a friggin introduction, I was here before your grandmother was even wearing diapers. Go ask someone else.

    No really, I realize some of you might not know me, but I was one of Avatar Wiki's first fanonadmins and before that, one of Avatar Fanon Wiki's first admins. I was once the proud co-writer of Kyoshi Revolts, along with fellow ex-fanonadmin Vaz. The series got into a dump, but the chapters are still available for reading. I also started up some failed cancelled other stories, among those Avatar: The Assassin War (A modern Avatar story set 2000 years after the original which aimed at taking away the spotlight from the Avatar and benders in general) a…

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  • Waterkai

    Suppression !

    July 14, 2010 by Waterkai
    This blog is purely objective nonsense. Any reference to currently existing persons is probably on purpose, because the writer wants to earn a F*CKING badge! Hmm, I wonder if there's one for cursing.. Or fro bat speliincheg...

    In this blog, I want to express my rebellious feelings about the suppression by users going by the name of SuperFlash. Sure, they write awesome and hilarious stories and stuff. (Or at least, they think they do that). And sure, they can draw a little, but what about their ego, their selfishness! Do they ever think about their fellow Kais? NO! And you know what? They even create their own site. Yeah! Even with fantastic comics and stuff! Actually, now I think about it, that's all pretty cool and other good stuff. BUT T…

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  • Waterkai

    This blog is actually an apologize from me to the avatar (fanon) community, especially Vaznock, for my current inactivity. While I could blame it on many things, such as school, vacation, music, my friends, Flash for letting me discover TvTropes :), other wiki's and certain other users of these wiki's who organize cool site-wide stories where I'm allowed to participate in, or ask me to co-operate with their projects, it was actually just me being lazy. :(.

    This led to Kyoshi Revolts chapters being delayed and the story becoming a bit inactive, something me and vaz really tried to avoid after the last time. Well, maybe it's to late to apologize, but I really wanted to say sorry in a bit of an original way.

    But there's always light at the end …

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  • Waterkai

    Review: Be Thou a Cain

    March 26, 2010 by Waterkai

    The title image of "Be Thou a Cain", portraying Did and Lee dressed as sandbenders. Hey everyone! Although a bit late, I decided to review another one of the great chapters in Avatar: Better World, Be Thou a Cain, written by SuperFlash101 and edited by Vaznock. It was the third chapter in the "New Politics" Chronicles, and the eights chapter in the overall continuity.

    Review: The chapter itself started with a beautiful sentence, which broke the fourth wall, and is then interrupted with a classical, but still awesome entrance into the actual story. And as Twilitlink noted, Slythrin's entrance with the rotten car was also a pleasure for the eye. It became clear to serial readers that this chapter contained much more heavy language, but this onl…

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  • Waterkai

    , the first character to be concieved and the reason KR exists.]] Well, with the end of the year closing in, and Vaz (hopefully) returning soon, I thougth that I would give everyone a little sneak-peek in the continuation of Kyoshi Revolts. See it as my christmas gift ;).

    What can you expect in Book 2?
    • The first chapter to be written by neither Vaz, me or Flash! None other then our good friend The Avatar will write a chapter. Well, I can't say what he's gonna write, of course.
    • Plus, another guest-written chapter by none other then SuperFlash101.
    • Some big surprises! Both good and nasty ones. We'll see some evil plans from the likes of Mitsuki, and maybe some others too...
    • There will be multiple chapters focusing on our dear friend and Avatar Chen…
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