Overall, I think the movie-makers didn't do too well on the movie. They missed a key aspect of what everyone loves, the characters. How it all played out did not make me love (or dislike) the characters as much as I do from the show. I've gotten to know Katara, Sokka, and Aanng. A:TLA captured each character's personality better in one episode than M. Night did throughout the entire movie. This is a serious issue for me. Also, the movie felt a bit rushed. I believe it was around an hour and fourty-five minutes, whereas I was expecting and almost- three-hour-awesome-movie-you-don't-care-how-long-it-is sorta deal. All the events could have been prolonged a bit just to give the watcher a moment to take everything in. But, no. It was all go, go, go! The acting wasn't even that good. Noah Ringer was amazing at all the martial arts stuff, but the dude needs some acting lessons. It was like he has never acted before. EVER. He did a horrific rendition of the not-so-funing-loving Aang. Aang was probably written that way, which brings me to another point. Why are all the people different? Sokka is supposed to be goofy, yet is not. Katara is supposed to be strong, though portrayed as weak. Aang is supposed to act like a little twelve year old kid, but seems dead serious all the time. Although the special effects were OK, there's not much else to even consider liking about the movie. I have a bad feeling that the next two movies are going to have similar stories...

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