• Waterbendingmaster

    Overall, I think the movie-makers didn't do too well on the movie. They missed a key aspect of what everyone loves, the characters. How it all played out did not make me love (or dislike) the characters as much as I do from the show. I've gotten to know Katara, Sokka, and Aanng. A:TLA captured each character's personality better in one episode than M. Night did throughout the entire movie. This is a serious issue for me. Also, the movie felt a bit rushed. I believe it was around an hour and fourty-five minutes, whereas I was expecting and almost- three-hour-awesome-movie-you-don't-care-how-long-it-is sorta deal. All the events could have been prolonged a bit just to give the watcher a moment to take everything in. But, no. It was all go, …

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