The Boulder in pain

"Ooh! Taikai that's amazing!"
"Thanks, The Boulder!"

Hello there and thank you for tuning into the Taikai Network! Tonight you will witness a stunningly amazing battle between everyone's favorite third-person speaking competitor, The Boulder! (oooh) And his opponent, an original airbender. (aaah)

And now the featured presentation

One week after the capture and release of Toph and Aang, The Boulder took a victory stroll through the Earth Rumble VI fans who had just witnessed his winning match. Now that “The Blind Bandit” had been “kidnapped by the Avatar”, The Boulder was on a victory streak.

As he squirmed through hordes of screaming fans, The Boulder, out of his peripheral vision, noticed a short, suspicious human being in a long, black cloak standing at the end of the corridor. Their face was obscured by the hood of the cloak. The Boulder, who was curious, made way towards them, with intent on finding out more. Yet, as the earthbender approached this shady character, they darted away from his view, rushing down the hallway on The Boulder’s right.

Not one to give up, The Boulder ran after the person of interest, who had led him to the Earth Rumble VI arena.

“Who are you?” the competitor yelled into the empty arena. “Where are you?” But no one answered the questions. “The Boulder is slightly mad and demands that you, person in the black, give The Boulder answers!”

The Boulder squinted, observing every square inch of the arena.

“Where are you?” The Boulder asked again. In the shadows of the ring, the earthbender caught the slightest movement, knowing where to strike. The Boulder raised one arm, his left and favorite, thrusting a boulder at the area of movement. The black cloaked figure evaded the attack, thrusting their body to the left and leaving the hiding spot. The Boulder watched the figure land on the ground and jump onto the ring. This was not any jump though, this was swift and smooth. The Boulder followed, sending himself onto the ring with the kick of his foot. On the far end of the ring stood the hooded human, in fighting stance, hands raised at the ready.

The Boulder naturally took the same cue, placing himself in his own fighting stance as well, arms out and feet solid.

“Who are you?” The Boulder asked. Yet again, the cloaked figure did not answer. “Fine.” The Boulder attacked first, quickly throwing three chunks of rock at his adversary. But to no avail did the attack strike. The hooded figure sprung up over all of the rocks. The Boulder persistently fired off over a dozen more attacks. The cloaked one managed to spiral around all of the projectiles that were launched at them.

The Boulder now clenched his fists, decided to shoot several large boulders at his opponent at the same time, giving them no choice but to get hit, as his move would render the figure unable evade the attack in any direction. The Boulder did such, and for the most part, the attack seem as though it would work, but the cloaked human split apart the boulder that was in front of them.

This move made the earthbender confused, so confused that he screamed, stomping his foot in a rage of anger. This made The Boulder put together the pieces of the puzzle. Jumps swiftly, spiral movements, and splitting a boulder in half. The Boulder related these observations to Aang, who he had met recently, and made the final connection. The cloaked figure was an airbender.

He had let his guard down for too long as he made his assumptions, allowing his opponent of send a large air swipe at The Boulder. The competitor was sent off the ring, crashing into the stands behind him. Angered now, The Boulder kicked his feet, thus causing the ring to shake. As the ring shook, The Boulder launched an enormous rock at his opponent. This incoming attack required the shadowy figure to perform a double back flip to evade such a marvelous and powerful attack, a feat that the unknown being executed with brilliance and stunning skill. But sadly for them, their hood came off, revealing the figure’s head.. This revelation, though, gave The Boulder the news that his opponent was of male gender, as based upon their hair. He was not that old either, being what appeared as a mid-teenager.

The Boulder observed his adversary, who had thin, brown hair, sparkling brown eyes, and a straight face. The male being then launched himself into the air and kicked with brute force, shooting air blasts and kicks in the direction of The Boulder.

The competitor was swamped in various air attacks, and was shot to the back of the stands with no contact, so The Boulder decided to fight back, firing a chunk of earth the young man; it was all he could muster. Alas, the boy pushed the earth back with a blast of air, sending the earth slamming into The Boulder’s face. The pain that rushed through The Boulder’s body was inarticulate.

“Who are you?” The Boulder moaned to the teen, who had now arrived next to him. “I’m your last idea for a suspect,” said the boy, ominously. And with that, the boy hopped to the side, and ran out of the room, leaving The Boulder at the brink of unconsciousness.

Thanks for tuning into the Taikai Network! Hope you enjoyed this broadcast tonight! Be sure to check out Minnichi's action writing contest. Thanks!

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