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    May 5, 2013 by WaterbenderTaikai

    Dear Avatar Wiki,

    The time has come. I apologize I haven't done this sooner, but as you may know. I have not been very active as of my birthday time (btw, thanks for the wishes) :)

    I must depart from this wiki. Like many others I have been too busy to manage this website and life. My deepest apologies to all of you that of which I have made commitment to: the BSST, the Fire Sages, the Transcript Team, and the wiki itself as a rollback.

    I hope to see you all sooner or later. I'll try to lurk every once in a while. Thank you for quite the fun here.

    Adios. Best wishes. Love,

    Your friend Taikai :)

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  • WaterbenderTaikai

    Hello there and thank you for tuning into the Taikai Network! Tonight you will witness a stunningly amazing battle between everyone's favorite third-person speaking competitor, The Boulder! (oooh) And his opponent, an original airbender. (aaah)

    One week after the capture and release of Toph and Aang, The Boulder took a victory stroll through the Earth Rumble VI fans who had just witnessed his winning match. Now that “The Blind Bandit” had been “kidnapped by the Avatar”, The Boulder was on a victory streak.

    As he squirmed through hordes of screaming fans, The Boulder, out of his peripheral vision, noticed a short, suspicious human being in a long, black cloak standing at the end of the corridor. Their face was obscured by the hood of the cloak.…

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  • WaterbenderTaikai

    Did you see all of The Legend of Korra: Book One? It was a great season! But I want to know what your favorite part or parts were of the season. Was it the battles? The secrets? Meelo? What do you think was the best scene, battle, or comment that a character made?

    I myself have several favorite parts. I loved it when Meelo yelled "Not now, baby!" Or when Meelo apparently used something as a toliet and Tenzin told him "Meelo that is not a toliet! Oh dear." I always crack up when Tenzin's forehead changes color. I also liked it when General Iroh destroyed all of the airplanes and even knocked Amon's giant mask off of Aang's Memorial Statue. I also loved the bending battles at the end of And The Winner Is. My final favorite part was when Naga sa…

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