i thought it was a train wreck. It was so bad. the story was crap. the characters werent developed at all, and that was sorry excuse for "3D" i have ever seen, and i sat in the first row the second time. the acting was decent. i would have rather watched a 2h 30min awesome movie than a 100min crappy one. the effects were better than i had hoped. the action was good. However, by the end of the movie, you still have no idea who the characters really are. if i saw it without seeing the show, i would have no idea what was going on. you can use the excuse that it's not the series to make it seem better, but the movie as a whole sucked. they could have gone straight to the point that he was the avatar instead of spending 30 minutes trying to find out if he is. also the reason for going to the northern tribe was a lot simpler in the series. why not go with that? cut out the complicated stuff. the whole 15min spiel on the spirit world was a waste, and not really needed. that could have left room for the Kyoshi warriors that they ended up cutting because it "didnt make the story go anywhere." it didnt go anywhere to begin with. all i got to say is if you loved the series, dont waste your money on it. You'll just be disappointed.

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