The wiki's deletion policy clearly states that pages about minute details will and should be deleted. This particular piece of policy is getting less and less enforced and the result is, frankly, trash. These pointless pages result in the use of the under construction, needs help and conjecture templates, all of which I believe should be avoided, rather than encouraged.

I fully support Avatar Wiki being a comprehensive and in depth guide to the world of Avatar, though there is a point where we try too much. We don't need a page for everything. Rather, we need to improve on what we already have. Then, should it be agreed upon, we can focus on the smaller pieces that are not heavily influential to the series.

These are my suggestions:

  • If something appears only once and it is not symbolic or crucial to the plot in any way, shape or form, it shouldn't warrant a page.
  • If an article of the same name exists in wikipedia, then it should not warrant its own page, unless it has notable differences to its real life counterpart, or bears heavy importance in the series.

With this I do consider several exceptions, most notably being creatures. This is solely due to the fact that creatures are a large part of what makes up the Avatar World. They are not direct replications of real life fauna; most are unique to the series, and that is why they should be documented.

With that being said, I also want to raise attention to the current onslaught of new voice actor pages. From what I've seen, most are same in format, same in length (being stubs, that is) and have help templates posted on them. Should this be continued? Wouldn't it be better to form a collective page to hold all minor voice actors, given that their pages are very small in size?

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