It's no doubt that part of what makes Avatar so interesting and alluring is the many hybrid animals. It's impossible not to love them. But, upon closer inspection, I realize that the creators have hidden many animals in the background or featured them merely for a millisecond. How many animals can we spot as a community?

Your challenge is to rediscover your love for Avatar, or merely enjoy the feeling of watching the series once more, by watching any of the chapters. While watching, try to note any animals that you may have looked over in the past. Who knows? It may be a new discovery! When you find one, post it here. The only guideline is that animals that have distinguishable features should be the only images discussed. Blurry screenshots or single colored species from obstructed angles or far distances will not do.

When you find an animal, just post it here for everyone to discuss.


Steps to Photobucket uploading:

  1. Create a free account.
  2. Upload the image: resize, edit and do what you will with the screenshot.
  3. Copy the direct link of the image, and post it here.

After you post, give us some of your thoughts on what the creature may be. Provide names that fit and links that may help us make fitting descriptions or connections. Let's see what kinds of chimerical creatures we can dig up!

  • Eagle Hawk
  • Poodle Monkey
  • Hopping Llama

These were creatures mentioned in canonical situations, but have limited information about them available. They are pending, meaning that they have not been created and require a page.

If you're feeling up to it, please make the page about one of the animals above. Bear in mind that we are a community- other users will help you out if you need it!

The following are pages added to the wiki database since the creation of this blog.

Achievements may be rewarded in the near future for those that contribute the most to this search. As of now, it has not been decided what the recognition will be in the form in, though it will likely be along the lines of a custom image displaying the achievement, or a special mention in the blog itself.

There are more creatures out there, some of which highlighted above, we still have tons to do!

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