Nickelodeon has recently released four short video promos for The Legend of Korra. Basically, they're to spur hype for the second series- Nick is even having a The Path to Korra: Avatar Extras marathon, featuring a replay of Avatar Extras.

Here are the external links to anyone who hasn't seen them yet:

Essentially, the promos just restate information we know so far and provide rudimentary, essential knowledge on Korra for new viewers. The creators talk about a fifth country being the United Republic, the Avatar Cycle, the anti-bending revolution etc.

However, I did note a few interesting details that I'd very much like your input on. Though the clips pass very quickly (I noted the times they occurred below), I thought the following were worth noting.

These are assumptions; the clips appeared to me as one way, they could very well be another. After all, the Avatar World has evolved significantly over 70 years.

I think this paves way for more informed theories as to the identity of Amon. Because, to be frank, relating him to Ty Lee or Hiroshi Sato is ridiculous. I also want to note that the red circle on Amon's forehead seems to be the same spot that Aang used to take Ozai's firebending away.

Relations to Azula or Ozai are what come to my mind right away. I mean, Dante did say he's voicing a role directly linked to Firelord Zuko. It's plausible.

I am also very excited for the prospect of seeing the specialized bending techniques in modern time! Very, very excited!



P.S. Sorry 888! Didn't see your blog post xD

888's blog is here. It compiles all recently released information relating to the series.

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