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The Bending Genome

What exactly determines whether or not someone will become a bender? Is bending genetic, spiritual, random or a combination of all three? Is there a dominant trait when it comes to the four bending principles? Is Energybending really gone, or simply locked within a person's body? If so, can it be channeled by non-benders such as Guru Pathik? What exactly happens when a biracial baby is born? What element will come into play?

Bending Classification

What is the difference between a sub-skill and a specialized technique? Is there any difference at all? Would creating and controlling substances such as smoke and steam simply be advanced moves, or alternative styles? Can bendable such as clouds and lava be manipulated by one type of bender, or do these substances rquire two benders from differing principles? Are techniques, such as lightning redirection and Sandbending, that were based on another bending principle logically accessible to other principles in which it was based on? For instance, seeing as how Sandbending uses flowing and dynamic movements associated with Waterbending and Airbending, would it be bendable to Air Nomads and Water Tribesmen? To what extent can a bender's ability surface?

Ride The Lightning

Is lightning specific to Firebenders? Is lightning redirection specific for Firebenders? Since it is mostly the manipulation of chi, does that mean that lightning is manipulable to the entire populus, even to those who cannot bend? If so, what is needed? Sufficient training? Peace of mind? Mastery over chi? What are some ways to redirect lightning, considering the other three bending arts? Would techniques and scientific concepts such as electrolysis come into play?

It would be cool to hear your guys' take on these. They are concepts that were not really elaborated on.

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