May the odds be ever in your favor.


Cleaving lightning

Death of Avatar Aang.

In an alternate universe, Phoenix King Ozai successfully defeated Avatar Aang at the Battle at Wulong Forest. Several critical Fire Nation victories soon followed, eventually leading to Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom defeat in the Hundred Year War.

With Sozin's Comet, Ozai and the Imperial Firebenders burned down the majority of the Earth Kingdom, leaving two distinct districts for surviving citizens. The Northern Water Tribe was obliterated, and any surviving tribal members were relocated to the South Pole.

In the following years, Phoenix King Ozai revealed major technological advances to prevent rebellions and secure his sovereignty over the remaining portions of the Avatar World. Complex schematics developed by hundreds of war ministers and mechanist prisoners were put to use. Soon, the Southern Water District, Northern Earth District, Western Earth District and Fire District became enslaved.

Toph captured

The reaping of Toph Beifong.

As a means of showing the four districts that they were under Ozai's complete control, the Phoenix King declared the Phoenix Games— the ultimate battle for honor.

Two members from each district were selected to battle to the death in an island off the coast of what was once the Southern Air Nomad Archipelago. The island, which became known as the Phoenix Grounds, is secured by a dome of energized air, preventing escape of any of the district tributes.

To make the inaugural games special, important figures that contributed to the war were reaped from each district. Among these tributes were fundamental members of the opposition, such as Sokka and Katara. Fire Lord Azula was also reaped, as a reminder to other political figures that power does not ensure safety, and as a warning to the Fire District that it was just as vulnerable to the Phoenix King as any of the rebels were. Below is the list of tributes for the first ever Phoenix Games.

  • Katara (Female Tribute, Southern Water District)
  • Sokka (Male Tribute, Southern Water District)
  • Suki (Female Tribute, Northern Earth District)
  • Haru (Male Tribute, Northern Earth District)
  • Toph (Female Tribute, Western Earth District)
  • The Duke (Male Tribute, Western Earth District)
  • Zuko (Male Tribute, Fire District)
  • Azula (Female Tribute, Fire District)

A serum of two-headed rat viper venom is injected into every tribute before they are sent to the arena. This restrains and affects certain chi paths and limits any bending tribute to his/her element's fundamentals.


The rules of gameplay are simple. Viewers (that would be you) can choose from one of two choices.

Each user may sponsor two tributes per round. A sponsor gives a tribute one yuan's worth of donation. The more sponsorship that a tribute gets a round, the more likely they will survive a predetermined obstacle or a battle with another tribute.

For example, if a tribute encountered a mutated pack of rabid tigerdillos, he/she would acquire life threatening injuries. Phoenix-synthesized wound medicine would be the only way to treat the sustained damage. It would cost 3 yuans, hence require 3 donations. If the tribute has 3 sponsors, he/she survives the round. He/she dies if he/she does not meet the specific sponsor quota.

Guide a tribute

Each user may choose one of two possible decisions for a tribute to make. The decision that gets the most votes will be the tribute's ultimate move during the round.

The results of each decision are predetermined: one results to safety until the next round while another results to an obstacle, encounter or immediate death.

For instance, a tribute comes across a fork in the forest path. Users will vote whether to take the left route or the right. The left would lead to a lake of water; the tribute will drink from it and die as the water basin is poisoned. The right path would lead to a secluded section of the forest leading to an underground cave; the tribute will make his/her encampment within the cave, protecting him until the next round.


Current Round: Round 1
Tributes: 8


  • Katara (Female Tribute, Southern Water District)
    • Sponsors: ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙
  • Sokka (Male Tribute, Southern Water District)
    • Sponsors: ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙
  • Suki (Female Tribute, Northern Earth District)
    • Sponsors: ◙ ◙ ◙
  • Haru (Male Tribute, Northern Earth District)
    • Sponsors:
  • Toph (Female Tribute, Western Earth District)
    • Sponsors: ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙
  • The Duke (Male Tribute, Western Earth District)
    • Sponsors:
  • Zuko (Male Tribute, Fire District)
    • Sponsors: ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙
  • Azula (Female Tribute, Fire District)
    • Sponsors: ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙ ◙

Round 1 Decisions

The games begin with the eight tributes gathered in a circle, equidistant from each other. In front of them is a pile of supplies. When the siren sounds, each tribute will have 10 seconds to grab something off the pile and run off to the surrounding areas. After the 10 seconds, the pile will detonate.

What should your tribute do?

Votes for Round 1 have been determined!


Water pouch

To the far left of the pile is a small water pouch. Katara attempts waterbending but cannot tell for certain if the pouch has any water within it. The path in front of the pouch leads into a section of the woods covered by thin, tall trees.



A boomerang lies in the center of the path. It looks to be of Earth Kingdom origin. The boomerang is located near the center of the pile, but Sokka is certain that he could run for a path leading to an open stretch of land before the pile detonates.


Platypus bear pelt

Suki spots a pelt of platypus bear fur near the top of the pile. It can prove to be useful for cold nights, as the Southern Air Nomad archipelago is often subject to strong, cold wind currents coming from the mountains. Suki concurs that the nearest path to the pelt is through the field of bamboo directly to her right.



A wooden spear is located near the back of the pile. Haru resolves that a weapon may be beneficial if he was ever attacked. Haru decides that he will make his way to the beach after running for the spear.


Tea flask

An empty tea flask lies left of Toph. In the distance, her acute hearing can make out the sound of running water. She resolves to find the source if she retrieves the flask.

The Duke

Bow and arrow

The Duke spots a bow and a quiver of five arrows deep in the heart of the pile. He knows that it will be problematic to obtain in less than 10 seconds, but knows that the weapon would provide him with an extreme advantage over the others. A clearing lies directly in front of The Duke.



A machete is also near the back of the pile, to the right of Zuko. A downhill slope appears to be the nearest path for escape.


Belt of poniards

Azula spots a belt of poniards dead center of the pile. It contains 3 small daggers, which she thinks she can put to good use. Azula decides that a path leading to complete wilderness in front of her would be the likely route to take.

Round 1 Coverage

Stay tuned for the results!

A message from Head Gamemaker, Water Spout

Yuans have been collected from the sponsors. Votes have been counted. What awaits our tributes? Any guesses?

Happy Phoenix Games, Avatar Wiki. And may the odds be ever in your tribute's favor.

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