So, there's been an issue that's bothered me for a while; there seems to be very little female Earthbenders. Apart from historical figures such as Oma and Kyoshi, and the unforgettable Toph, very little female Earthbenders have been seen. Female Firebenders make up at least half of the Fire Nation army, female Airbenders had two temple residences when they were alive and albeit the crisis at the South Pole, female Waterbenders have been seen in the Northern Water Tribe. So why not women?

Discuss, argue, debate and post photographs of possible female Earthbenders. I have a few in my files, and am interested to see if other people have noticed them too. Here's one possible Earthbending female:


The person in the right has a relatively petite figure, and her facial structure is very soft and female like; the eyes and lips are relatively feminine-like. Plus, if you compare her to the barely visible Earthbender in the left, she has relatively smaller feet and hands. Female?

Please don't dismiss this thread if you don't like it. If you think it's pointless, then just leave it be. Thanks!

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