Images uploaded to this wiki must have an Imagebox (Template:Imagebox) detailing specific information about the image in order for it to remain in the wiki. This is so we can prevent, as much as possible, conflicts regarding copyright with the original owners.

If the image you upload is flagged as unlicensed, and you are notified via talk page, the image will have the following template, indicating that it is subject to deletion:

If this happens, you can follow several simple steps to license your work. First, click edit on the top of the page, near the title:

This will take you to the edit window, where you will find the unlicensed template code. Simply delete all of this, and replace it with an imagebox. The information you should remove is highlighted in yellow below:


You can find the imagebox in the link posted above. Copy it, and paste it to the edit window. It should appear much like the yellow highlighted section in the image below (the white text that is not highlighted indicates what should be placed in that parameter):

Filling the imagebox in should be straightforward from there. Just use the link to the imagebox page for help if you need it. Different images from different sources will need different licensing. Just to recount what is already stated in the imagebox page:

Description: A short description of the image, preferably with some context.

Film: use numerals (1-3).

(!) You only need to fill this in if the image is from a movie, such as a snapshot from The Last Airbender.

Season: use numerals (1-3).

(!) You only need to fill this in if the shot is from the series. Indicate what season it's from by putting 1 if :it's from Book 1: Water, 2 if it's from Book 2: Earth and 3 if it's from Book 3: Fire.

Episode: use numerals (1-21).

(!) You only need to fill this in if the shot is from the series. Indicate what episode the shot is from. An episode :list is provided in the imagebox page.


"DVD" for DVD captures;
"TV" for TV screenshots;
(!) You only need to fill this in if the shot is from watching the TV or the DVDs, so it is only needed for images :from the series or from the movie.

Origin: If taken from other site, state it like so: [url Site Name]

Cats: subjects appearing on the image (ex. Aang|Katara|Sokka|)


"screenshot" for non-free images;
"fanon" for non-free images used only on fanon pages;
"screenshot/fanon" for non-free images used on both canon and fanon pages;
"icon" for icons and insignias from the show;
"dvd cover" for dvd covers;
"web screenshot" for snapshots of web pages;
"game" for snapshots of computer games;
"promo" for promotional images;
"digital" for digital renditions of non-free images;
"GFDL" for GNU Free Documentation License images;
"PD" for Public Domain images;
"PD-self" for Public Domain images uploaded by their creator.
(!) This is the most important part. It is needed by every image.

That's it! If you have any questions, ask it below. Good luck!

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