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How exactly was the final raid on the tribe executed?

~ How did Yon Rha enter and exit the tribe undetected?
~ Exact time frame of the raid?
~ How did Yon Rha's "source" come into play?
~ Distances and location?
~ What exactly happened during Kya's death?
~ How did Yon Rha know to target Kya?
~ How was Yon Rha able to murder Kya in what seems like a short amount of time?
~ Why did Katara choose to run all the way out to the shore line, when she passed several tribesmen while running?

How did the tribe deteriorate so fast?

~ Approximately how many raids were conducted?
~ How were the Southern Raiders able to continually decrease the Waterbending population? Shouldn't previous experiences result to better precautions?

Let's take a look at the tribe's transformation over 60 years.

The first image was how the tribe looked prior to the raids (40 AG). The second image is the tribe before the last raid was conducted (c. 94 AG). The third image is the tribe around the time Avatar Aang was rediscovered (100 AG). The last image made me lol.

It seems as if after 54 years of war, the tribe was only damaged in the sense that the protective barriers around the settlement lost minor fortifications and that many of the igloos disappeared, and were replaced by slightly larger less numerous igloos and sealskin tents. It can be assumed that raids to the tribe occurred frequently, and so assuming that there was a raid every 5 years, it would mean that about 11 raids occurred until the last known bender, Hama, was captured. Each of these raids was accomplished with at least 3 Fire Nation naval ships and over 50 soldiers and Firebenders. Yet, after one last raid, with just as much forces who did relatively less damage, the tribe deteriorated from a semi-protected city to several small villages barely surviving. How is this so?

And, just an addition, in "The Puppetmaster", Hama and the group of Waterbenders are shown encasing a ship in ice. This ship later became known as The Shipwreck. The Shipwreck is located west of the tribe. Why would there be a battle so far away from the tribe? More importantly, why would there be a lone ship there?

Now to focus on the last raid.

How was Yon Rha able to sneak into the central igloo? He's a Firebender wearing black and red in an environment that's blue and white. Wouldn't he stand out? Also, by the time he was in the igloo interrogating Kya, the ships were only starting to dock. How could he have infiltrated the tribe without being seen?

It makes sense that Yon Rha would go inside the central igloo (considering how Hakoda was the leader, logic points that he most likely lived there). What doesn't make sense, is why Kya was there. In the case of a raid, the tribe should already have established a system. Get all the women, children and elderly in one location and protect them with a warrior or two. I highly doubt that any tribe would let children in the battlefield during a raid, like Sokka was (at a very close proximity to the soldiers, might I add). This should already have been sorted out, considering how the tribe has been under constant attack.

Yon Rha wouldn't have been able to escape in a matter of minutes, as he would have definitely been seen by Hakoda and Katara on their way. Plus, if the flashbacks are placed together, Yon Rha wouldn't have been able to make it to the ships before they took off.

If they left as quickly as they came, how long was the confrontation with Kya? How long was the actual battle? There seems to be outstanding inconsistencies as to the timespan of that specific raid.

Now, there's the possibility of Yon Rha sneaking around the village. However, if you look at the [Map of the Avatar World|map], the area directly behind the Southern Water Tribe is encased by rough mountainous terrain. From the environment we see in the first two episodes, Yon Rha would have either had to:

  • trek from the northernmost part downwards, through the actual mountains, which is unlikely,
  • enter from the east, meaning he had to past the shorelines, and thus, the tribe forces or
  • enter from the west passage.

In all of these, he would have had to maneuver through rapids, ice caps and other polar terrain.

Well, that's all. I'm sure some of these points I'm over thinking, and that they have a simple logical explanation that I refuse to believe, but feel free to discuss. Take this blog as an opening act for the coffee talk, whenever Prince Azula decides to publish the next set of discussions. Feel free to bring up other points as well, if you have any.

(Sorry for the large wall of text. It's basically the same arguments used again to support different issues.)

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