Currently I am writing a series here that is about The Water Tribes and how they spread out across the globe and developed the Southern Water Tribe. I have three books planned, and depending on popularity there is a possibility for a fourth. I'm most excited for book two, for it will deal with Sokka's discovery in the library: the scroll that read the darkest day in fire nation history. We're going to see what happened during that eclipse and why the fire nation felt it necessary to mark it down in history at all. One of my goals is to sympathize with the fire nation, as most stories have them as the enemy. Avatar Roku's message that anyone can become good or evil made me really want to make a story where the fire nation is in a time where life and creation is at the heart of fire bending. We may even visit the Sunwarriors!

Once I'm done with the series I have interests in writing some shorter stories.

-How the northern water tribe came together to develop the City under one union.

-How the library got buried

-The time of Energybenders

-Explore the idea of two avatar incarnates due to Aang's "death" and revival.

-An attack the fire nation did on an air temple

-Sokka finds out what happened to his moon sword

-The rise and fall of the ancient city under Ba Sing Se (the crystal catacombs) as well as the Sun Warriors

-Uncle Iroh's Journey into the Spirit World!!!

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