Sokka is admiring his wolf tail in the mirror while talking to Zuko, "You know what Zuko?" "I finally know what your problem is!" Zuko's eyes widen in fury that someone would dare say he- the crown prince to the fire nation and heir to the throne would have problems" I don't have any problems!" he shouted at Sokka as he sent a large fire burst that reached the farthest corners in the room. Sokka is unfazed by Zuko's outburst and he continues, "Your problem is that you are so jealous of my warrior wolf tail!" "I mean admit it! You would love to have a little pony-tail sticking out from the back of your head with both of the other side’s saved of!" Zuko looks at Sokka in disbelief, "You think I would want that stupid wolf tail?" he asks in yet more disbelief. "When you could have..." he quickly pushes Sokka away from the mirror and does his hair in a matter of minutes. "The one the only..." he continues trying to rise the suspense up. "The Granny Bun!" he twirls around three times and shoots a smug smile in Sokka's detraction. Sokka rolls his eyes, "Zuko, Zuko," he says shaking his head with pity. "Don't you know that the lady's love wolf tails more than Granny Buns?" he says as he admires his wolf tail once again in the mirror. Zuko's face turns red with anger, "You dare suggest that lady's like that sad looking tuft of hair you call a wolf tail, better than my manly looking Granny bun?" he says, fire slowly creeping up his hands. "Yes I do." Sokka says with a great degree of smugness in his look. Zuko narrows his eyes and lights his hands on fire, "I challenge you to an Agneeki! For the honor of the Granny Bun!" he says looking Sokka in the eye, "But um... I'm not a fire-bender..." Sokka says looking confused. "I know!" he says excitedly as a new idea forms in his head. "How about we do the old fashioned water tribe boat race, for the honor of the wolf tail!" Zuko ponders this, and then strikes down Sokka's idea. "I don't know how to steer one of those primitive things you call 'boats'" Sokka greatly offended by Zuko's remark, but shakes it off as one more idea forms in his mind. "How about we get our friends to judge who has a better hair style! The Wolf Tail vs. Granny bun!" Zuko nods his head thoughtfully and smiles a rare Zuko smile, "Agreed, we'll have it in an hour after I've bribed... I mean tell our friends!" Sokka looks at Zuko with suspension, then nods his head, “I’ll meet you back in an hour!” Sokka and Zuko both run of two different doors.

First Zuko makes a list of possible people who will vote for the granny bun… he looks down at what he has written and ponders it. “Mai…” he reads out loud, “Why she’d vote for me…” he chewed on his pencil then writes, “She’s my girl-friend.” There he had already secured one vote. He wrote down a few more names down and looked at what he had written-

Azula: Because I can get her a bigger cell… (Zuko looks at this one with a raised eyebrow, Azula helping him because she’d get a bigger cell? She’d rather see him fail then get a bigger cell… he’d have to get back to that one)

Mom: I’m her son and she loves me, but in case she needs something else maybe buy her that dress she’s been wanting…(Zuko jots down a note to ask Mai about the shopping trip she had gone with, it had been her, him, and mom a horrible experience in Zuko’s opinion, but Mai would probably remember that dress…)

Dad: ? – ask Mom for ideas. (Zuko groaned at the thought of going to Ozi’s cell, he’d probably have Zuko give up the crown to him before he would ever help him)

Uncle Iro: One word- Rare tea. (Zuko looked at it with a smile, this one would be the easiest he already knew Iro’s favorite tea and he knew were to get it)

Me: Duh.

Zuko looked at what he had written and nodded his head, this would have to do for now, he sighed he wondered how far Sokka had gotten in votes…

Sokka looked at the names he had written down-

Katara, Aang, Toph, Suki, Dad, and me, Sokka looked at it, “I bet Zuko has a lot more names on his list.” He said with envy, “Being fire-Lord and all.” He looked at his list again, “Let’s see why they would vote for me?” He wrote down his answers and then an idea came to him, “I wonder if Zuko has any good ideas? A quick peek at his paper wouldn’t do anyone harm…” he tip-toed out of his room and ran down the hallway to were Zuko’s study was.

Zuko knocked on Sokka’s partly open door, “Sokka are you in there?” he asked causally. He didn’t hear an answer, he knocked again, “Sokka are you in there?” he didn’t get a reply once again, so he pushed open the door, a blast of cold air hit Zuko in the face, he looked into Sokka’s room to see a fan going full blast and a thing to control the air condition that Zuko had installed a couple of weeks ago for this palace, It’s freezing in here… Zuko thought shivering, I know the water tribe likes the cold but this is a bit much… he warmed himself up using his fire breath and went to look at what Sokka had written, after about an hour he had not only had icicles hanging from his hair, but he could barely understand Sokka’s handwriting! He slowly made it through the next thirty minutes dispersing Sokka’s handwriting, finally he got it-

Katara: She’s my sister- and I know she’s wanted this certain water bending scroll… (Zuko banged his head with his hand for this one; there were hundreds no thousands of water bending scrolls out there! How would he ever find the right one?)

Toph: Glasses? (No comment)

Suki: She’s my girl-friend she’d do anything for me right? (But she wouldn’t do anything for me Zuko thought scratching Suki’s name of the list)

Dad: He’s my dad come on! (Scratch of another name)

Aang: He’s the avatar! He can tell which hairstyle is best-mine of course but in case he needs some incentive… well I’ll figure something out, idea: Razor? (Helpful very helpful Zuko thought with a sigh but put Razor on his list anyway)

Me: Duh (Strange, Zuko thought looking at Sokka’s answer looks strangely like mine… I wonder…)

Meanwhile Sokka is glancing down the hallway to check if anyone is coming, just as he was reaching for the handle he heard a voice say, “What are you doing in Zuko’s room?” Sokka turned around to see Mai looking at him excepting an answer. “Oh me?” Sokka said pointing to himself nervously, “I um just wanted to say hi to my pal Zuko!” Sokka peeks into room seeing that Zuko isn’t there, “Well guess he’s not there! Oh well I’ll say hi later.” Sokka hurriedly walks away then when he is out of Mai’s sight he breathes a sigh of relief, “Phew… that was a close one…” he peeks around the corner again to see Mai walking away, he waits for awhile then hurriedly slips in, Sokka looks around, there’s a fire in the fire-place, candles all around, and a heater, it was a little short of being worse than being stuck in a oven, “Has Zuko ever thought of installing windows in here?” Sokka said as he started to sweat, he looked for were Zuko might have put his list, he spotted a large desk with a scroll laying unraveled on it, “Let’s see… large desk…unraveled scroll… burn marks on the paper…” Sokka said listing off the clues.”It’s got to be Zuko’s paper!” Sokka hurriedly ran to retrieve the paper, (Tripping on an overturned stool on the way) He got to the paper his ankle throbbing and he was sweating bucketfuls but besides that he was fine. He opened up the scroll, the writing was easy to read despite the burn marks (Obviously there from Zuko’s outbursts) which covered up some words but it didn’t take so long to read it,

Sokka chewed on his brush thinking…Suddenly he heard a familiar voice…”You are getting ink in your mouth,” Sokka turned around to see his old master Piando, “Oh hi Master, I was just looking at this piece of paper its really nice looking,” he squeaked out. “Sokka your snooping aren’t you.” Master Piando said looking at Sokka sternly. “Yes.” Sokka hung his head in shame. “I thought so, if you want to snoop in peace you might not want to leave the door wide open.”Sokka looked at the door and groaned. “Why does this always happen to me!” He slammed his head on the desk , Piando looked at his old student with amusement. “I was coming to talk to Zuko about his duel sword training.” Master Piando said explaining why he was here. “You are training Zuko?” Sokka said in surprise. “Yes…he is a good sword man already but well…even the best have their faults, he has many.” Sokka couldn’t help snickering at that. “One of them is, that whenever he doesn’t get a move right he burns the metal on the duel swords so that he is standing in a puddle of molten metal…” Piando said sighing remembering the loss of three of his best swords. “Bummer,” Sokka said sympathizing with Piando. “Real bummer,” Piando said agreeing. “I mean seriously! If he wants to take his anger on something couldn’t he refrain from burning my swords!” Piando breathed in deeply and the look of anger slowly melted into calmness. “So Sokka ,why are you snooping in Zuko’s room?” Piando said giving Sokka another stern look. “Well me and him are having a sort of contest…you see…” Sokka explained the whole story to Mater Piando, at the end he said, “You see I have to look at Zuko’s list or I might lose!” Master Piando looked at his student, his face had an aged yet wise look to it, he set a hand on Sokka’s shoulder. “Sokka, I know it seems that you may not win but you must try, do not try to cheat your way into winning for that is not the warrior way, you must be wise and brave and accept losing or winning with a brave face, you must rely on you head to help you win this.” Piando said tapping Sokka’s head, Sokka got up and bowed at Piando, “Yes master…” he walked out of the room a sweaty mess but the words of wisdom still rang in his head, but I guess they didn’t ring loud enough because Sokka ran back to the room , snatched the scroll and ran out again.

Zuko finished the scroll and sighed, would he even win this? He asked himself, Sokka may sometimes be well… an idiot… but he still has good ideas and could probably find a way to win this… Zuko sat contemplating, he looked around, he wasn’t sure how long he could stay here in Sokka’s room or freezer whatever you want to call it. He decided to take the scroll, just as he was reaching for it… “Zuko what are you doing?” he heard his uncles voice behind him, “Uncle what are you doing here?” Zuko shot back. “I borrowed this fan from Sokka,” Iro said producing a plug in fan, “You didn’t install any windows in my room and I was at the point of melting into wax.” “Sorry Uncle.” Zuko said as he tried to scoot the scroll in his robe pocket. “I’ll talk to some people about that…well I better get going I uh… have a date with Mai, Bye!” Zuko starts to run off but stopped as Iro grabbed hold of his robe, “Zuko what is in your pocket?” Iro asked reaching in Zuko’s robe; Zuko hangs his head in shame, “Sokka’s scroll,” he said. Iro opened it and squinted at the writing, “I translated it on the other side.” Zuko said flipping it for his uncle. Iro read it, “So what is this all about Zuko?” he asked looking at his nephew with fatherly affection. “Well me and Sokka are having a contest…he calls it the Wolf tail vs. Granny Bun… I couldn’t refuse the contest, it be a bad example for my people…” Zuko finished lamely. Iro nodded, “Zuko…” he started, Zuko looked down at the floor and made a silent groan, whenever his uncle started a sentence with ‘Zuko…’ he knew he was in for a lecture, the lecture lasted for about thirty minutes, it was something about ‘not stealing’ or ‘taking stuff that doesn’t belong to you’ and some other stuff that Zuko didn’t care to remember. His uncles last words on the subject were: “If you remember these things Zuko, you will be a better fire-lord.” Zuko nodded his head, “Ok Uncle I’ll try it,” and with that he walked out of the room then hide around the corner, he saw his uncle turn the corner, Zuko ran back to Sokka’s room to run into – Suki. Well he didn’t actually run into her…she punched him in the gut which made him crash into one of Sokka’s ice covered walls. “You better have a heck of a good explanation for being in Sokka’s room.” she said glaring at Zuko. Zuko winched as he felt his stomach. “You got quite an arm,” “I know,” she said still glaring at him. “The reason I was in Sokka’s room was because…um…because…you see…” he racked his brain for an answer. Suki tapped her foot, which didn’t help Zuko’s thinking. “Muffins!” Zuko said brilliantly. “Care to explain?” Suki said rolling her eyes. “Sokka wanted some muffins and I promised I would get some from his freezer…eh…I mean room and get them for him.” Suki nodded as if the answer satisfied her, and then started to walk away. Zuko let out a deep breath and started to walk the other way. When Suki stopped. “Wait a minute…what are muffins?” she demanded. Zuko didn’t know what they were either…he had just made up the word a few minutes ago…”There a type of food…” he said trailing off. Suki smiled, “Then I know that Sokka asked to get them, before I thought you had stolen something…sorry.” She gave him a hand up off the floor and started to walk the other way, Zuko followed her clutching his stomach all the way.

“You may all be wondering why you should vote for me.” Sokka started looking at his audience. “Well I’ll tell you why! Not only is the wolf tail a bazillion times better than the granny bun, but it’s easier to handle and keep in tip-top shape, the wolf-tail needs no ribbon, it only needs a band of blue *searches through notes* Momo?” Sokka squints at the paper in confusion. “Oh no what, not blue Momo but blue eh…ribbon…well I guess the wolf tail and granny bun both use the same thing…heh, heh.” Sokka finished lamely with two half-hearted laughs, then he held up a finger and struck a valiant pose. “SO vote for the wolf tail! Not only because it’s more awesome than the granny bun, but it is also is more attractive! Because granny buns are ugly! So vote for me!” “Thank you.” He finished with a bow in front of the fifteen fire-nation people who were touching there granny buns self consciously.

“The granny-bun is a sign of royalty!” Zuko started looking at his crowd with confidence.”It’s not scruffy and ragged looking like the wolf-tail; instead it is neat and smooth.” He said looking at each of his audience in the eye. “Also unlike the filthy wolf-tail, the granny bun is for men and woman, he said eyeing the female members of his audience and for all you who like bling…” Zuko quickly attaches another ribbon for his granny bun on. “You can bling it!” with that he looked at his audience. “Why vote for the stupid idiotic wolf-tail, when you can vote for…THE GRANNY BUN!” “Thank-you, and good night.” He ended even though it was barely half-way through the day. He looked at his audience again and realized he had made the grave error of speaking to a mash of fifteen water tribe people, who were all glaring at him. “Darn it Sokka…” Zuko muttered. “We must have switched audience’s….”

Sokka took the list out and decided to visit Azula first, just to get it over with. He started to walk toward the prison, a couple of hours later he collapsed in front of the prison door. “How does Zuko do this every day when he goes and visits his father and sister?” Sokka said out loud as he gasped for air. “I mean this is pretty far from the palace!” he sat on a nearby rock to catch his breath. Then he got up and banged on the door. One of the guards opened the door and raised an eyebrow to see a water-tribe boy who looked like he was on his last legs. “Can I help you?” the guard asked eyeing the boy suspiciously. “Yes,” Sokka was able to gasp out. The guard gave Sokka a hand up, “Ever thought of installing an escalator?” he said referring to a new type of technology that Sokka’s old friend the mechanic had just come up with, it was like a stair case that moved up. The guard looked at him with confusion, “A what?” “You’ll see it in stores in a couple of months,” Sokka said confidently as he ran up yet another flight of stairs. By the time he had reached Azula’s cell he was completely sure that this prison needed escalator’s more than any other place he had ever seen, he walked over to Azula’s cell and gasped out what sounded like a hello. He saw Azula turn around to him, “What are you doing here filthy peasant?” she demanded. Sokka held up his hand to shush her, Azula didn’t take well to being shushed, though she was chained up they forgot the crucialness of gagging her, she shot a ball of flame from her mouth and Sokka had to bend all the ways backwards to prevent him from being burned to a crisp. “Ok…so you don’t like being shushed…” Sokka said standing at least five feet away from her in case she decided to send one more fire ball his way. “Just hear me out,” Azula looked at him as if she wanted to send another fire ball s, but she waited, Sokka took that as a good sign. “Well…” he took a deep breath, “MeandyourbrotherarecompetinginthiscontestcalledWolfTailvs.GrannyBunandIreallywanttowinbuttod thatIneedacertainnumberofvotesandseeingasyouhateyourbrotherIwashopingyoucouldvoteforme.” Sokka said this in one breath and at the end he was gasping for air. Azula raised a perfect eyebrow, “And why should I help you?” Sokka searched for an answer, “Because I’d beat your brother?” he said hopefully. Azula smiled an evil smile, “Would this bring him to shame and have him feel like he’s worth nothing?” she asked gleefully. “Eh…Maybe?” Sokka said unsure of the answer. “Hmm…” she pondered in her perfectly evil voice, Sokka held his breath, “Hand me a pencil.” She demanded, Sokka pulled on out of his pack and slipped it through the jail bars, “Paper.” Sokka rolled it up and slipped it in. Azula took the pencil in her mouth and started to pick her hand cuffs, “Um…what are you doing that for?” Sokka asked, “I’m trying to get my hands free so I can write on the stupid piece of paper!” she said ferociously, “Right…” Sokka sat down on a stool and waited. And waited. And waited some more. “Can you hurry it up!” he asked thoroughly bored, “How about you come in here and try picking this lock with a pencil!” Azula snapped. “Carry on.” Sokka said nervously. Azula glared at him for a moment then continued picking the lock.

This is still a work in progress.

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