• Warriorsluver

    Sokka is admiring his wolf tail in the mirror while talking to Zuko, "You know what Zuko?" "I finally know what your problem is!" Zuko's eyes widen in fury that someone would dare say he- the crown prince to the fire nation and heir to the throne would have problems" I don't have any problems!" he shouted at Sokka as he sent a large fire burst that reached the farthest corners in the room. Sokka is unfazed by Zuko's outburst and he continues, "Your problem is that you are so jealous of my warrior wolf tail!" "I mean admit it! You would love to have a little pony-tail sticking out from the back of your head with both of the other side’s saved of!" Zuko looks at Sokka in disbelief, "You think I would want that stupid wolf tail?" he asks in y…

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