Can Asami be an equalist? Many are suggesting so. With the new episode, The Aftermath coming out on May 19, everyone suspects the ally as an equalist. There is proof, such as the girl being very quick in her relationship with Mako, giving 30,000 (let me repeat: 30,000) yuans to fund for the fire ferrets. Also, when Korra agreed to join Tarrloks's task force, Asami was the only one smiling. Another piece of evidence is when Amon attacked the Wolfbats and the Fire Ferrets during the probending final, Asami and her father were nowhere to be found (or we couldn't find them in the screen of our TVs). Some people say she was an undercover equalisat, while some say she was electrocuted by an electric glove. In my opinion, I am excited to see the next episode. I hope she isn't an equalist, while a little part of me hope she is. We haven't seen much of Asami's personality, she seems mostly like a flat character. I'm interested, and intrigued; this episode will answer many of my questions. Maybe she's an equalist...or maybe she's not. We have to wait until Saturday to find out.

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