That awkward moment, when you realize your Anonymous activity is actually recorded. And this otherwise useful tool means you have racked up five different IP addresses due to a laptop.


I'm linking my Anonymous accounts here, and giving little blurbs about some of what they say, in case you find any of this discussion interesting. I'd ask you to at least copy your responses and musings to this blog, or tell me you've said something, seeing as I have no way to know if you "Reply" to the Comments where they are.

Nony Posts:

What if Toph were re-incarnated in the new series? April 23, 2012 5:46 link to comment

(Continued by:Nony -May 1, 2012, 1:08)

April 23, 2012 5:57 ". . . I mean, I'm down for the fall of atistocracy and rise of meritocracy, and all that, (Amon's sob story about the farm gives off that impression) that would be icing on the cake, but it would taste bittersweet because I know the Bei Fongs, the adorkable Earth King's line, and the Fire Nation royals would be right in the line of fire." link to comment

My opinion of The Promise, and a certain character I'm getting fed up with. Warning. Rant-ish.

". . . I kind of hope that Hama is in the same mental facility Azula ends up in, at the end of the series, and is being well cared for." link to comment

Skin color in the Avatar world. "Or they all could have been a mix. :-| Or any combination, instead of the airbender pointedly being the one with pale skin . . . The way it panned out, Bolin just looks stupid. Surely, being the socialite he is, he would have gotten by now that people aren't always what they look like." I love you, Bolin, but really?

Lin Bei Fong humor.

Korra's reception in Republic City. "I wonder if the others are even more caustic than Lin?" link to comment

"It's perfectly in-character, imo." for Korra, that is.

Instead of talking about Amon's identity, let's talk about his intentions. link to comment (Bonus points if you think he's not a "coward," just smart and focused on his goal.)Okay, so I'm being devil's advocate _ >:P _Okay, so I'm just being devil's advocate BOTH ways.

. . .

[Public Service announcement: you might want to go get a glass of water and take a break before reading on.]

"Citizens, do not believe the stories of Amon's face off with the Avatar. He was not there at all. Or else, why would the Avatar be unharmed! The twisted bending establishment is colluding with the Avatar to lie and deceive you. The Avatar wanted to end our cause with mere honor duel. Just like the backwards and outdated practice of the Fire Nation, the Agni Kai. This is no way to address political and social ills. The people know better. The people know that this can only be solved by change. You know it to be true." Warning: Wall-of-Text Propaganda Best advice: Skim over it. You'll get the main idea.

Response to "Last time I checked, benders weren't part of any caste system." What I have to say to that.

An interesting observation about ATLoK waterbendersI have to reluctantly agree with.

I'm not going to post a link to this one, but some ignoramus was complaining that Tenzin is being neglectful by raising his kids on a vegetarian diet. As if they can't get enough protein from non-meat sources. Excuse me while I go scream into a pillow. -_- Or ram my head against a wall.

How different/similar are Lin and Toph? "They share many traits, but not all. Maybe Lin got sick of her mother indiscriminantly using her status to make people bow to her whim? I could see Toph as just self-absorbed enough to do that a little too often." No link needed. Remember Toph's waving her birth certificate in the face of the Ba Sing Se immigration lady? Just a thought. Also, another possible Lin-rebels-against-Toph scenario: where Toph raises her without a father, and she becomes straight-laced and traditional because she resents her a little for it.

My reaction to what older!Toph looks like. First thought: well, this is strange. Second thought . . .Well? Amiright?

Nony Posts:

Me, whiteknighting against Katara hate.This guy has the emotional range of a teaspoon. And an additional little bit Katara praise: For your sweetooth.

I'm sorry, but I love this one. Evil!Lin Bei Fong is. . . plausible? Well, when you say "evil" . . .

Possibly the most epic Toph headcanon. Ever. Unfortunately, I can't take credit for it.

Is Toph talented because she is blind? My thoughts.

Crack theory time: Tahno is from the Swamp Tribe. The reason he is so well-groomed is because he is embarrassed about his humble background.

You want a crack theory? Try this on for size. Guarunteed to make you laugh or your yuans back.

Just how much ARE Mike and Bryan trolling us? A WHOLE BUNCH. More than you might think.

. . .

Nony To end on a little more serious note: Ty Lee, A vastly overlooked character. See especially the most recent comment.

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