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    That awkward moment, when you realize your Anonymous activity is actually recorded. And this otherwise useful tool means you have racked up five different IP addresses due to a laptop.


    I'm linking my Anonymous accounts here, and giving little blurbs about some of what they say, in case you find any of this discussion interesting. I'd ask you to at least copy your responses and musings to this blog, or tell me you've said something, seeing as I have no way to know if you "Reply" to the Comments where they are.

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    What if Toph were re-incarnated in the new series? April 23, 2012 5:46 link to comment

    (Continued by:Nony -May 1, 2012, 1:08)

    April 23, 2012 5:57 ". . . I mean, I'm down for the fall of atist…

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    The Avatar World is supposedly all about Balance. I wanted to post my balanced review of The Last Airbender movie adaptation, that I wrote a while ago, after my initial fan rage had cooled a bit. I started with what was bad and ended on what I liked.

    Zuko's Scar, Appearances, and Name Pronunciations

    Dev Patel would look so much better with an actual scar wouldn't he? Special effects for bending are expensive, but is face makeup? I think not. To be fair, the deepness of the coloration in the cartoon depiction is not typical of scar tissue. It actually looks more like a port wine birthmark than a burn scar. I actually liked Iroh's look. The dreadlocks are cool. His name change is a different story.

    I went into this movie having read all about the whi…

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