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  • W Jaegers

    Well I just finished watching the episode "The Awakening" and the scene between Firelord Ozai and Zuko is still chillingly intense, not to mention the one during "Day of Black sun" where Ozai and Zuko clash.

    And it got me thinking, those are scenes I'd LOVE to see in the upcoming movies and I'm curious how they will be depicted. I said it before I thought Dev Patel was a really good Zuko, probably the most in canon portrayal of a character in the movie. I wonder how he will be during those epic scenes.

    And then there's the confrontation scene between Zuko and Azula where Zuko asks her directly why she told Ozai that he was the one who slew the Avatar.

    I envision those scenes of Ozai and Zuko after Zuko arrives home will be at the end of the s…

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  • W Jaegers

    Well, aside from Avatar I am also a big fan of the MTV series Daria and this comic is a Daria fan art comic. I depicted Daria herself as Kurt Cobain, head cheerleader Brittany as Bat-Girl, Quarterback Kevin Thompson as Elvis, Goth girl Andrea as a princess, James Bond-wanna be Charles "Upchuck" as Frankenstein and Daria's Best friend Jane as Princess Azula.

    I hope you guys like my work.

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  • W Jaegers

    Well I was posting on another forum about "The last airbender" and people were saying how much they loved the original series and how sad they were about it ending. So to cheer them up I figured that I'd tell them about "Legend of Korra" and to include that picture of her standing infront of Republic City.

    But while searching for that iconic picture I also came across THESE!

    So are these real? They certainly look like the genuine article but they could also be manipulated Katara and Azula pictures.

    Any scope on this?

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  • W Jaegers

    Well I got a bootlegged DVD from a friend of this movie and I figured being a fan of the original show I'd give it a fair chance to defend itself against my personal standards judged on how the best episodes of that series were.


    I heard people complaining about how Aang's name was pronounced in the movie "Ah-ngh" instead of "Aiy-ng" I personally had no problem with it, I know of Tibetian culture and I know that their pronounciation of "Aa" as "Ah" so it's actually historic correctness. Also I've seen most Avatar episodes in the Dutch dub (before I wised up and got the DVD's which enabled me to watch them in English) and Aang's name in Dutch is also pronounced "Ah-ngh" so I was pretty used to hearing it that way anyway.

    I must say that No…

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