I'm already developing a plotline for what happens post A:TLA. I'm still not certain I will keep the 'Eyes of Katara' Fanon going on past the end, because with so much going on I'm not sure if portraying just one characters' view could capture it all correctly, since characters could be split around the world.

I'm just reaching out to see what everyone likes to see in a Fanon. Disregard currently existing Fanons, just state what it is you'd love to read about Avatar related - if it were on the internet to be found. =]

Example: I want to see the characters grow. I want to see Zuko settle into his Firelord role, and have a strong Fire Lady, Mai, standing by his side. I do believe she'd be a good influence on him to aid him rule the Fire Nation. I'd like to see him settle his past and find his mother, and see just how that would affect his life now since he's already settled it himself.

I want to see Katara and Aang develop their relationship - her admitting the reasons to him why she was so hesitant before, since he's probably wondering. As well as him admitting that he got himself killed in Ba Sing Se because he wouldn't let go of her; and see her reaction to that one.

I WANT to know more about Iroh! Big time! There are secrets behind his life story that simply are not revealed.. he is the ONLY non-avatar character to be able to see the spirit world, and not just that, but in plain broad daylight/not entering the spirit world! ... Why????

..and more!

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