Just like before; this blog has a focus that I would like participants to adhere to. This blog series, The Shipping Wars (TSW), is meant to house discussion regarding a the current blog's topic. If other topics are desired, they can be suggested on my talk page.

Rules: Don't bash one another! I will do what is needed to keep order here; though according to my last blog it doesn't look like it was a problem. Anyway, the key rule is just Debate! Have fun! And stay on topic to the requested character! Yes dragging other ships into discussion is possible because they may be relevant to affecting said ship. But deep insights for said ships should be held for a different blog.

Note: A debate is not a debate if you don't discuss with other users! So, engage one another in discussion! But yeah, be kind of course. Please, please talk to one another! =]

My participation in this series of blogs will not be extensive. I will join in after a little while, but overall, I will mostly encourage discussion more than provide my reasoning. I mean, it's you guys that should be delving deep here! So, show me what'cha got with one another!

TSW: Zuko

Okay; you knew it was coming. Or wait, did you? You thought I'd make this a Kataang / Zutara blog? No. This is all about Zuko, who has maaaaaany lady fans. I have a suspicion what ship will be the most popular here. But this does not mean to neglect the other ships. Listen to others' reasons for liking other ships, and participate in engaging discussion on said beliefs.


Katara and Zuko hug

This wasn't a relationship, and yet it was a big hit among the fanbase. Zuko did not even bat an eye to Katara in the entire first season, but began to have a change of heart that was first displayed to her in the end of season two. However, when he betrayed her trust, that wrenched away the beginnings of friendship for one another. However, after patiently seeking an opportunity to redeem himself, the two overcame their past difficulties and shown they could become true friends to one another. Katara's forgiveness of Zuko was no joke, either. When she forgave him, she did so sincerely, as the next time that he fought with Aang, Katara did not outright attack him and instead sought an explanation.

Zuko & Song

Song's compassion

Yeah, I totally forgot their shipping name. It just doesn't make sense, really. Zong? Yuck. Suko? Sounds like Suki. shrug

Song displayed what could arguably be called as an instant, true, deep affection for Zuko. She took to him at first sight, desiring nothing more than to lift him up in his time of need; hopefully gaining his care in the process. And it partly succeeded; seeing as Zuko took pity on her after she opened up to him completely, showing the effects of war she had to bear. However, this did not deter him in the end from using her and her family's hospitality, leaving her heart broken at what she had witnessed. She cared for him so much, she did not even attempt to stop his theft, allowing him to take all that he needed of her. This is a tragic relationship when seeing her adoration for him despite the wounds he dealt her, when observed through her eyes. A song that comes to mind for this one is "Keep Bleeding Love", by Leona Lewis.


Zuko and Jin

This seemed like a typical teenage romance. Jin found Zuko rather cute, intentionally allowing him to wait on her at the teashop in hopes of remaining close to him. She's shown to be rather bold, outright asking Zuko out on a date (to which Iroh agreed in his stead). Zuko allowed Iroh to "gussy him up", slicking his hair back and dressing nicely for his date. However, he had to keep his guise up and not allow her to know his true, dark history. This complicated things, forcing him to develop extensive lies, that Jin found quite humorous and did not even in the slightest show that she questioned their legitimacy. Jin, as bold as she had displayed earlier, became Zuko's first kiss (that we know of) by taking him by surprise. At first, Zuko seemed to allow it, though he broke off a moment later and abruptly ended their date. Despite this, he warmly informed Iroh that he enjoyed his date.


Zuko hugs Mai

Their childhood crush was finally able to resume, thanks to Azula's reuniting the two due to her bringing Zuko back into Fire Nation acceptance. Mai and Zuko rekindled their old crush quickly, attaching to one another at long last and beginning a romantic relationship both had desired. Mai supported Zuko emotionally, encouraging him to relax and attend War Meetings, ensuring he had been forgiven and was not discarded. Their relationship ended briefly when Zuko became jealous of Ruon-Jian's flirting with Mai, even though she didn't care. However, this strengthened the two, as when they next addressed this matter the underlying issues that had been troubling both of them surfaced, reuniting the two in warm, forgiving adoration.

When Zuko abandoned the Fire Nation, he chose to break off his relationship with Mai in order to protect her from his own actions. This backfired when she became involved in his protection for his choice at the Boiling Rock, where she made it ultimately and perfectly clear that nothing and nobody would get in the way of her love for Zuko. Not the Fire Nation, not a past friend like Azula, and not even her Uncle. After Zuko reunited with her once again following the war, the two were able to join together in a new light, proudly resuming their relationship and taking it to new heights of trust.

Let the talks begin! No, seriously, talk to each other. =] (remember, try to focus on Zuko's relationships or fanon pairings of Zuko. It does not have to be canon)

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