Nobody hang me; please! I've been seeing many people mention the desire to discuss "Shipping", but not really having someone to debate/discuss with. (IHeart, Ultimate, RGirl, etc) - It isn't so much that they want to argue their's just, admit it - Fun to do. And as such; I'm going to make this series about it... TSW (The Shipping Wars)

Rules: NO BASHING! I will do what is needed to keep order here; but the key rule is just Debate! Have fun! And stay on topic to the requested character! Yes dragging other ships into discussion is possible because they may be relevant to affecting said ship. But deep insights for said ships should be held for a different blog.

While I understand debate does involve shooting down the other person's ideas, try and not be to iron-walled so that users can actually voice their reasons (all sides). Please. Reply to other people who have stated their opinions. A debate isn't a debate without some back and forth!

I am not certain how much I will participate in these blogs. My voice has been heard a lot by all of you, so perhaps it's time to stay still for once. :) If you disagree with me being Prod me. We'll see.

TSW: Sokka

Sokka is quite the shipped character, really. There are many ships that he can be seen in, as this Water Tribe young man is adored by many (even a simple eye contact via Ty Lee). I will list a few possible ships below.


Sokka and Toph

Everyone's seen it. The two can relate to one another as great friends, understanding one another and caring for how the other feels. Toph has shown her open crush, though Sokka hasn't shown any signs of returning those feelings (and seems unaware).

They don't even start out on a rough road, with Sokka being stunned by her prowess in Earth Rumble VI and he's the only one to try and stop Toph from just leaving the group outright in The Chase.


Sokka's first real love interest. He fell for her instantly with just a passing glance of her. What made it tragic was her engagement to Hahn, which barred the two's relationship. Yet, surprisingly (to me! They did this on Nick? Wow!) the two continued to build a relationship despite that fact.

His memories of Yue will forever be a landmark to him; having the moon to turn to when he thinks of her. But; would it have lasted, had she not died? I mean; she was getting married...and not to Sokka.


Sokka's second deep relationship. However, it had roots prior to him even meeting Yue, only rekindling when he reunited with Suki after Yue's death. Did Suki's presence give him the mental support he needed, the push, to move past his loss of Yue? Perhaps, though he still displays (quite tearfully might I add) his affection for Yue's loss - unafraid to show this in front of Suki.

Quite arguably, this relationship is the most racy one to be seen on Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Let the talks begin! (remember, try to focus on Sokka's relationships or fanon pairing of Sokka. It does not have to be canon)

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