This blog is intended for the admins of the Fanon Wiki, not simply users, as this discusses policy. Please understand that if you are reading over this!!!

As it is currently; there is no structure on the fanon side of the wikia when it comes to designing a fanon, it is entirely up to the creator and becomes extremely loose. The issues I am bringing forth are in regards to page names/titles. Let me attempt to explain.

Main page: Fanon:Fanon_Name_Here
chapter/character/etc pages Fanon:Another_Name

What I am suggesting, is enforcing for clarity, cleanliness, and obviously placing certain pages rightly in certain fanons, is this:

Main page: Fanon:Fanon_Name_Here as is normal
Chapters: Fanon:Chapter_1_(Fanon_Name_Here)
Characters/Organizations: Fanon:Name_Here_(Fanon_Name_Here)

And also have some guidelines mapped for Categories - include subcategories.

Main Page: Username_(fanon), Fanon_Name_(fanon), Stories_(fanon), Story Page
Chapters: Fanon_Name_Chapters_(fanon)
Characters: Fanon_Name_Characters_(fanon),
Fanon_Name_(fanon): Username_(fanon), Stories_(fanon)
Fanon_Name_Chapters_(fanon): Fanon_Name_(fanon), Chapters_(fanon), BenderType_(fanon)
Fanon_Name_Characters_(fanon): Fanon_Name_(fanon), Characters_(fanon)
Fanon_Name_Organizations_(fanon): Fanon_Name_(fanon), Organizations_(fanon)

I am unsure I really got my point across, so for further thoughts please have a look at my fanon, I have it setup like above. Except, I still need to fix my character pages/organization pages, as they don't follow the above example yet.

The end result becomes a clearly laid out, easy to follow format that, if applied across the fanon wikia can then be more easily understood and followed. This makes administrating them easier, and this makes developing them more clear. Thoughts?

Fanon: Eyes of Katara
Fanon Main Category: Eyes_of_Katara_(fanon)
Username Category: Vulmen_(fanon)

Note. I am not just throwing this out and then ignoring, I am willing to help clean things up if approved.

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